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Current and Contemporary Book Reviews

Spring 2019

Without Protection, by Gala Mukomolova (Coffee House) – review by Ani Oganisian

The Good Mother of Marseille, by Christopher X. Shade (Paloma Press) – review by Cassidy Adams

Red Channel in the Rupture, by Amber Flora Thomas  (Red Hen) – review by Hannah Cokash

Sooner or Later Everything Falls Into the Sea, by Sarah Pinsker (Small Beer Press) – review by Krista Nave

Around Harvard Square, by CJ Farley (Akashic Books) – review by Paige Bullock

JOY, by Erin McGraw (Counterpoint) – review by Sienna Ruiz

Thirty-Seven, by Peter Stenson (Dzanc) – review by Taylor Croft

Operating Systems, by Joe Pan (Spork) – review by Christine Martins

Winter 2018

The Book of Transparencies, by Jefferson Navicky (Kernpunkt Press) – review by Cassidy Adams

Bosun, by New Juche  (Kiddiepunk) – review by Cheyenne Avila

King of Pain, by Christine Kanownik (Monk Books) – review by Sienna Ruiz

Survival House, by Wendell Mayo (Stephen F. Austin) – review by Shaughn Hull

Spring 2018

Everyone Wants to be Ambassador to France, by Bryan Hurt (Red Hen) – review by Sierra-Nicole Debinion

Woman, Running Late, in a Dress, by Dallas Woodburn (Yellow Flag Press) – review by John Abbasi

The Making Sense of Things, by George Choundas (University of Alabama) – review by Mylene Moreira

The Fourth Corner of the World, by Scott Nadelson (Engine) – review by Tabitha Lawrence

The Perfume Burned His Eyes, by Michael Imperioli (Akashic) – review by Mylene Moreira

The Science of Lost Futures, by Ryan Habermeyer (BOA) – review by Paige Bullock

Strange Children, by Dan Brady  (Publishing Genius) – reviewed by Taylor Croft

Eleanor Or The Rejection Of The Progress Of Love, Anna Moschovakis (Coffee House) – review by Alexandra Dixon

AMERICAN LETTERS: works on paper, by Giovanni Singleton (Canarium) – review by Areli Alvarez

The Natashas, by Yelena Moskovich (Dzanc) – review by Lucy Diaz

Her Body and Other PartiesCarmen Maria Machado (Graywolf) – review by Areli Alvarez

The Night I Burned My Origami Skin, Catalina Florescu (Anaphora) – review by Devon Crook

December 2017

Christmas in July, Alan Michael Parker (Dzanc) – review by Alexandra Dixon

Good Bones, Maggie Smith (Tupelo) – review by Andrea Crook

Myths & Ms, Rosie Rosenzweig (Anaphora) – review by Cassidy Adams

1947: Where Now Begins, Elisabeth Åsbrink (Other) – review by Krista Nave

Angel of the Underground, by David Andreas (Akashic) – review by Mylene Moreira

Missing Persons, by Stephanie Carpenter (Press 53) – review by Nick Sanchez

My House Gathers Desires, by Adam McOmber (BOA) – review by Paige Bullock

Christmas in July by Alan Michael Parker


June 2017

Spent: A Memoir, Antonia Crane (Rare Bird Books) – review by Aimee Campos

So What, So That, Marjorie Welsh (Coffee House) – review by Isamari Camacho

In the Foam of the Blue Waves, Kathleen Wakefield (Pen and Brush) – review by Lauren Lancaster

Yuki Chan in Bronte Country, by Mick Jackson (Faber and Faber) – review by Ami Roberts

Disaster, Madison Davis (Timeless, Infinite Light) – review by Gabi Ramos

The Gift, by Barbara Browning (Coffee House) – review by Mylene Moreira

Brooklyn Poets Anthology (Brooklyn Arts) – review by Alyssa Sell

On The Occasion of The Last Old Camp Meeting in Llano County, J. Scott Brownlee
(Tree Light Books) – review by Alyssa Godina

Notes on Wolves and Ruin, Christine Hamm (Ghostbird) – review by Kendra Craighead

300 Arguments, Sarah Manguso (Graywolf) – review by Cassidy Adams

Tender Points, Amy Berkowitz (Timeless, Infinite Light) – review by Michelle Wilkison

Gates & Fields, Jennifer Firestone (Belladonna*) – review by Cheyenne Avila

Notes of a Mediocre Man, Bipin Aurora (Guernica) – review by Briana Cerda

December 2016

The Size of Our Bed, Jacqueline Tchakalian (Red Hen, 2015) – review by Nick Sanchez

Monsters, Zombies, and Addicts: Poems, by Gwendolyn Zepeda (Arte Público, 2015) – review by Alyssa Godina

Nobody Dancing, by Cheryl Quimba (Publishing Genius, 2015) – review by Lucy Diaz

Dear Everyone, by Matt Shears (Brooklyn Arts Press, 2016) – review by David Luna

Chelate, by Jay Besemer (Brooklyn Arts Press, 2016) – review by Kendra Craighhead

The Butcher’s Tale and Other Stories, by Derek Updegraff (SFASU, 2016) – review by Madison Maler

The Hour of Daydreams, by Renee Macalino Rutledge (Forest Avenue, 2016) – review by Aimee Campos

See You in the Morning, by Mairead Case (Featherproof, 2015) – review by Mylene Moreira

Voice Lessons, by John Tynan (Sagging Meniscus, 2015) – review by Isamari Camacho

The Battle for Democracy, by Anna Faktorovich (Anaphora, 2016) – review by Alexandra Dixon

Fall of the Dragon Prince, by Dan Allen (Jolly Fish, 2016) – review by Alexea Dinoto

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