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This is an in-progress, incomplete and, more than anything, very proud list of the successes of some of the authors we’ve published in Prism Review. We’re happy to note that basically all their works came to us unsolicited via what most folks call ‘the slush pile,’ an entity we think needs a better label: to us, it’s not a pile of slush so much as an exciting doorway that leads us and our readers to new literatures and future issues.


(If you’ve been published in Prism and would like to be linked here, let us know.)


  • Brent Armendinger’s (issue 13) second collection Street Gloss is out in 2019; his second, the Ghost in us was multiplying, came out from Noemi Press in 2015
  • Brandon Som (12) received the prestigious Kate Tufts Poetry Prize, and his collection The Tribute Horse won the 2012 Nightboat Poetry Prize
  • Abby Chew (11) published her collection The Bear Approaches from the Sky
  • George Choundas (16) received the Ronald Sukenick Innovation Prize (FC2) for his collection The Making Sense of Things
  • Meagan Cass (13) won the Katherine Anne Porter Prize for her collection ActivAmerica
  • Stephen Massimilla (20) has published widely, including his recent award-winning book Cooking with the Muse
  • Jaquira Diaz (13) is publishing everywhere, won a 2013 Pushcart Prize, and her acclaimed memoir Ordinary Girls is out in 2019.
  • Jessica Morey-Collins (19, 20) is publishing *everywhere*
  • Bipin Aurora (13) had his collection Notes of a Mediocre Man: Stories of India and America published in March 2017, and has had numerous stories published in journals including Michigan Quarterly ReviewThe Common, and Southwest Review
  • Jessica Hollander (12), has numerous fantastic publications and was the 2013 winner of the Katherine Anne Porter Prize in Short Fiction for In These Times the Home Is a Tired Place
  • Anna Leahy (20) most recently published the book Tumor (Bloomsbury)
  • Peter Grandbois (19) has been widely published; his recent collection Domestic Disturbances was published by Subito
  • Shira Dentz (18) published her collections how do I net thee (2018; Salmon) and Door of Thin Skins (2013; CavanKerry)
  • Bradley Bazzle’s (19) first novel, Trash Mountain, won the Red Hen Press Fiction Award, judged by Steve Almond
  • Darlene Campos (15) had her first novel, Behind Mount Rushmore, published in May 2017
  • Broc Rossell’s (17) Unpublished Poems is out from Brooklyn Arts Press
  • Jessica Piazza (16) won the 2013 Balcones Poetry Prize for her debut book of poetry Interrobang; her most recent book isObliterations
  • Adam Tavel’s (14) book of poems Plash & Levitation has been published by University of Alaska Press
  • Wendell Mayo (17) published Survival House in 2018 and won the Subito Prize for Innovative Fiction for his collect The Cucumber King of Kedainiai
  • Kelly Madigan (12; nee Erlandson) is the award-winning author of a new collection of poetry The Edge of Known Things and recipient of an NEA Grant
  • Kika Dorsey (19) published the collection Rust
  • Zachary Greenberg is the author of Scarlight (Ravenna)
  • Elizabeth Robinson (12) has tons of publications and books, most recently Counterpart (Ahsahta Press, 2012)
  • Dallas Woodburn (18) published her debut collection Women, Running Late, in a Dress (Yellow Flag Press)
  • Luiza Flynn-Goodlett (15) has been published in numerous literary journals and her chapbook, Congress of Mud, is out from Finishing Line Press
  • Colin Pope (12) has had poetry in Salamander and has won residences from the Vermont Studio Center and Gemini Ink
  • Becka Mara McKay’s (18) first collection, A Meteorologist in the Promised Land, was published by Shearsman Books in 2010
  • Nicholas YB Wong (15) published Cities of Sameness in 2012, worked on Tupelo Press’s 30/30 Project, and Kaya Press published his book Crevasse in 2015
  • Taylor Graham’s (12) What the Wind Says was published in 2013 by Lummox Press
  • Larry Fondation (12, 19) has five books of stories, including the recent Martyrs and Holymen
  • Jared Harel (11) published the chapbook The Body Double
  • Maya Jewell Zeller (12) authored the poetry collection Rust Fish
  • Jeff VandeZande (12), has published several books, including Threatened Species and Other Stories
  • Brian Le Lay (12) is the editor of Electric Windmill Press
  • Sandra Jensen (12) has had stories published in AGNIVersal, and a host of other literary outlets
  • Michelle Chan Brown (12) won the 2011 Kore Press First Book of Poetry Prize for Double Agent and her second book, Motherland, with Wolves was published in 2015
  • Grace Marie Grafton (13) published a collection of poems, Whimsy, Reticence, & Laud
  • Mark Terrill (12) has had poems published just about everywhere
  • Nora Boxer (13) received the $50,000 Keene Prize
  • Peter Tieryas Liu (11), published the story collection Watering Heaven
  • Ned Randle (15) published the novel Baxter’s Friends
  • Kelly Moffett’s (13) When the God of Water enters your Basement, Bow is out from Salmon Poetry
  • Dan Moreau (12) has had fiction in The Journal, Phoebe, Crab Creek Review, Gargoyle, New Ohio Review, and Redivider
  • Patrick Haas (13) has been published in UnstuckSalt Hill, and Best New Poets 2012
  • Ellaraine Lockie’s (11) most recent book is Coffee House Confessions
  • Fred Skolnik (11) published the story collection The Other Shore

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