Current and Past Issues

Issue Twenty-Three

poetry by Heather Sellers, B.P. Greenbaum, Zachary Kluckman, Eric Stiefel, Maria Zoccola, Jose Oseguera, Emma Garcia, and Sneha Subramanian Kanta, and

prose by Jonathan Muzzall, Jason Graff, David Borofka, and Andrew Bertaina, and

an interview with L.A.-poet laureate Lynne Thompson,

plus a review section of contemporary/recent works of indie press literature.

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Issue Twenty-Two

poetry by Nathaniel Dolton-Thornton, Anna Sandy-Elrod, Michelle Brittan Rosado, Peter Grandbois, Joddy Murray, Sara Moore Wagner, Jes√ļs Ram√≠rez, Hal Y. Zhang, George Looney, and

prose by Roy Kesey, Lazarus Trubman, Alan Sincic, Maggie Harrison, Kristin Walrod, and

interviews with Michelle Brittan Rosado and Aurelie Sheehan and our annual review of contemporary indie books.

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Issue Twenty-One

poetry: Lisa Maria Martin, Diana Aehegma, John Blair, Amir Hussain, Georgia Wilder, Christine Martins, Jacqueline Henry, Carlos Andrés Gómez, Hannah V. Warren.

prose: Bradford Philen, Courtney McDermott, Mark Gozonsky, Anu Kandikuppa.

plus a review section of contemporary/recent works of indie press literature.

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Issue Twenty

poetry: Diane de Cillis, Ken Haas, Peter Krumbach, Jessica Morey-Collins, Anna Leahy, Stephen Massimilla, and Eva-Marie Sher.

prose: Andrew Bertaina, Keene Short, David Borofka, Gabriela Ramos, and Jenna Rindo.

plus interviews with Meagan Cass and Jared Stanley and a review section of contemporary/recent works of indie press literature.

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Issue Nineteen

poetry: Peter Grandbois, Mehrnoosh Torbatnejad, Jessica Morey-Collins, Kika Dorsey, Jonathan Greenhause, and Jerrod Schwarz.

prose: Alfredo Franco, Cheyenne Avila, Bradley Bazzle, Alisa A. Gaston, Matthew Everett, and Larry Fondation.

plus an interview with Stephanie Ellis Schlaifer (by Genevieve Kaplan) and a review section of contemporary/recent works of indie press literature.

Prism Review vol. 19

Issue Eighteen

poetry:¬†Sam Gilpin,¬†Becka Mara McKay, Shira Dentz, Rex Yba√Īez, and Lana Ghannam,

fiction: Seth Gannon, Philip Golabuk, Dallas Woodburn, Michael Olin-Hitt, and John Abbasi,

plus an interview with Bryan Hurt, a special section on Haunts, and a review section of protest literature.

Prism Review vol. 18


Issue Seventeen

poetry: Frederick Barteldes, Michelle Detorie, Mysti Easterwood, S.M. Ellis, Michael Derrick Hudson, Guadalupe Robles, Judith Roney, Broc Rossell, JLSchneider, and Kami Westhoff.

fiction: Matthew Di Paoli, Wendell Mayo, Vojislav Pejovic, and Lyn Stevens.

interview with Michelle Detorie (by Genevieve Kaplan), and a review section on literary journals.

Prism Review vol. 17

Issue Sixteen

poetry:¬†Melissa Burton, Mary Roy, Julia Cari√Īo, Anna Soteria Morrison, Danny Earl Simmons, and Jessica Piazza.

fiction: George Choundas, Rob Schultz, Conor Teevan, Larissa Malia Nobles, Frank Scozzari, and Sarah Mollie Silberman.

interviews with Nathan Hoks and Scott Nadelson, and a review section on literary suicides.

Prism Review vol. 16

Issue Fifteen

Featuring:  Darlene Campos, Lucian Childs, Grant Garland, Trish Kahle, Ned Randle, Mariya Taher, David Williamson, Barbara Yost, Ellen Wade Beals, Gerard Beirne, Jessica Rae Bergamino, Mary Cafferty, Janet Cannon, Judith Ford, Naoki Fujimoto, Luiza Flynn-Goodlett, Jonathan Greenhause, Renee Hamlin, Stephen Longfellow, Steve Ostrowski, Mitchell Untch, Suellen Wedmore, Nicholas YB Wong, and interviews with Karen An-hwei Lee and Nicky Sa-eun Schildkraut.

Prism Review vol. 15

Issue Fourteen

Featuring poetry by Nancy Hewitt, Burgess Needle, WF Lantry, Zachary Greenberg, Bethany Carlson, Emily Allen, Jose Clemente Carreno Medina (trans. Toshiya Kamei), Nandini Dhar, Adam Tavel, Changming Yuan, Krystal Howard, Danielle Shutt, Nancy Carol Moody, Bruce Robinson, AM Bauer, Rich Ives, Mark Belair; prose by Theodore Carter, Meghan Perry, Michael Jaime-Becerra, Pacze Moi, and Christopher Fisher; and an interview with Michael Jaime-Becerra.

Prism Review vol. 14

Issue Thirteen

poetry: Mary Ann Davis, Brent Armendinger, Kenia Cano (translated by Toshiya Kamei), Grace Marie Grafton, Robert Lunday, Kelly Moffett, Joseph Dane, Patrick Haas, Colton Huelle, Maria Anderson, Nora Boxer, and Brian Le Lay,

prose: Bipin Aurora, Becky Margolis, Chantel Tattoli, Jaquira Diaz, Rebecca Ayala, Meagan Cass, and Kimberly Long Cockroft

and interviews with Lucy Corin and Craig Santos Perez

Prism Review vol. 13

Issue Twelve

poetry: Kristin Gilchrist, Kelly Madigan Erlandson, Tarantula Fire, Clayton T. Michaels, Elizabeth Robinson, On Hymnody, Brandon Som, Maya Jewell Zeller, Nymphomaniac Dreams of Hell, Davide Trame, Colin Pope, Mark Terrill, Taylor Graham, Richard Luftig, D. Lifland, Richard King Perkins II, Michelle Chan Brown, Jennifer Luckenbill, and Eva Gordon

fiction: Jeff VandeZande, Erich Mulhall, Sandra Jensen, Larry Fondation, An Insurrection, Dan Moreau, David Luoma, Jessica Hollander, Unhappy People Live Longer, and Sara Flood

features: Prism Contemporary Interview: The Two Joshes, and a Special Review Section: Margaret Atwood

Prism Review vol. 12

Issue Eleven

poetry: Martin Moran, State Route 301, Chad Chmielowicz, Ellaraine Lockie, Kerry Ruef, J. Richard McLaughlin, Sherman Pearl, Lydia Suarez, William Doreski, Lisa Markowitz, Lenore Wilson, Jared Harel, Jorge Sánchez, Andre Levi, Christopher Hund, Abby Chew, Moving Heavy Things, and John Grey

fiction: David Cornwell, Peter Tieryas Liu, Peter Schwartz, The Kiss, Hugh Ferrer, Rita Rubin, Dave Barrett, Fred Skolnik, and Corbin Collins

features: interviews with poet Neil Aitken and fiction writer Jane Austen

Prism Review vol. 11