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Art Exhibitions

Blooming Resilience
May 12-31, 2020
Blooming ResilienceThe Department of Art and Art History is proud to present Blooming Resilience. The exhibition takes place in a virtual version of the Harris Gallery and includes pieces by the Painting I and Painting II classes from this spring semester.
A Room of One’s Own
December 3, 2019-February 27, 2020
Featuring works of Cassidy Badua, Sara Crespo, Isabella Dominguez, Roiann James, Maria Juncaj, Lily Meza, Marissa Reyes, and Chanel Rodriguez. The Department of Art and Art History cordially invites you to attend the 2018 Senior Art Exhibition showing the artwork of this year’s graduating senior art majors. The individual artists in this exhibition have spent […]
November 21, 2019
The Chase – recent paper maquettes Monday – Sunday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm  | Admission is Free The University of La Verne will soon present Rabbit, Sitting a large scale, public sculpture by Los Angeles based artist, Hacer. As a prelude, the Campus Center has invited Hacer to exhibit these paper maquettes which provide a […]
Nature’s Essence
November 19, 2019-January 31, 2020
A solo exhibition of Brooke Aruffo showcases 2 abstract paintings supporting her thesis about the benefits of nature. Nature offers more than beauty to please the eyes of mankind. Nature offers an improvement to human health with the potential to lower blood pressure, increase our power to fight cancer, and allow us to live happier, […]
Secret Garden
September 3-October 24, 2019
Secret Garden is a group exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Rochelle Botello, Gary Brewer, Jason David and Rema Ghuloum. With playful allusions to both real and imagined spaces, this exhibition presents an environment saturated with synthetic and natural colors. Viewers are invited to discover physical and illusionistic relationships between objects and images. In the gallery space, bold textured surfaces and densely layered atmospheres transition into quiet introspective moments and intimate sensory perceptions.
You Are a Light
April 11-May 24, 2019
Five distinctive drawings capture the physical presence of their subjects with line, shape and contrast. Made using careful observation, these works accurately describe the human form. Taken a step beyond the precision of draftsmanship, images come to life energized by fluid gestures and dynamic intricacies.
Phoebe Beasley Artist Talk and Reception
March 19-May 16, 2019
Wheels Down at LAX and View the Elegance and Style of Paul R Williams, Architect 2010 photo montage 36 x 36 inchesHarris Gallery presents Unsung Requiem: Lost Then Found, a survey of works by acclaimed mixed-media artist Phoebe Beasley.
Zodiac Ballet
February 12-March 7, 2019
Zodiac Ballet is a group exhibition featuring works by Kent Anderson Butler, Joseph Cardenas, Alex Couwenberg, Austin Howland, Keanna Ide, Melissa Thorne, Etchi Werner-Nyiri and Jessica Wimbley.
Architecture of Internment: The Build Up to Wartime Incarceration
February 1-28, 2019
"Architecture of Internment: The Build up to Wartime Incarceration" explores how Oregonians participated in the decision to incarcerate Japanese Americans and Japanese immigrants during World War II.
Edifice Artifice: Cole M. James
October 1, 2018-May 17, 2019
Edifice ArtificeThe Tall Wall Space is excited to announce Edifice Artifice, a site-specific installation by Cole M. James. Spanning across a 50-foot wall, James presents an assembled environment that playfully investigates architectural space and graciously personifies a decade of her artistic practice.  
Ichrio Irie and Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia
September 4-October 25, 2018
Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia: Kuntur Amaru, 2017The Harris Gallery is excited to present ‘Secrets for the Moon,’ a two person exhibition featuring works by Ichrio Irie and Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia. Generous support for exhibition programming is provided by the Office of Diversity and Inclusivity.
Second To Twin
February 22, 2018
The West Gallery is proud to present 'Second To Twin,' a group show that pairs recent students' works with the abstract paintings of Brazilian born painter, Augusto Sandroni.
February 13-April 26, 2018
The Harris Gallery is excited to present Biomythography: Reflexive Remix featuring works by Andrea Chung, Vanessa German, Todd Gray, Tarrah Krajnak and Suné Woods.
The Expulsion: Etchi Werner-Nyiri
February 1-May 15, 2018
Etchi Werner-Nyiri's wall installation, The Expulsion, references a long tradition in art history of depicting Adam and Eve's forced exile from the Garden of Eden.
The Labyrinth and Vicinity
November 1-December 15, 2017
Danny Shain’s "The Labyrinth and Vicinity"The West Gallery is proud to present Danny Shain’s The Labyrinth and Vicinity, a solo exhibition featuring selected paintings that span several decades. Shain is a visiting artist for Senior Project critiques in the Department of Art & Art History.
Rotem Reshef: Time Traveler
September 5-December 15, 2017
Rotem Reshef, Unnamed 40The University of La Verne is thrilled to announce the exhibition of Action painter Rotem Reshef and her newest work, Time Traveler, a large-scale installation made of interwoven, hand-painted canvas scrolls that will cover a 400 x 554 inch wall.
Ruth Trotter
April 19-May 31, 2017
Ruth Trotter, LeviathanRuth Trotter is a painter and Professor of Art at the University of La Verne. She received her B.A. from Scripps College and her M.F.A. from Claremont Graduate University.
Hilary Baker: From Where I’m Standing
April 5-May 19, 2016
The Harris Gallery is proud to present ‘From Where I’m Standing,’ a solo painting exhibition featuring the work of Hilary Baker. This exhibition highlights selections from four distinct bodies of work that are united by a synthesis of representation and abstraction.
Jessica Wimbley
February 23-March 31, 2016
The West Gallery is proud to present Jessica Wimbley’s ‘Recent Work,’ a solo exhibition featuring new works produced during her artist residency in the Department of Art and Art History.
Walpa D’Mark
November 1, 2013-December 10, 2014
Walpa D'MarkWalpa D’Mark was born in Managua, Nicaragua, 1977. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. D’Mark received his Master of Fine Arts from Claremont Graduate University and his Bachelor of Fine Arts from California State University, Long Beach.