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Art and Art History

Art and Art History

The University of La Verne’s Department of Art and Art History is committed to providing a rich environment of interdisciplinary learning, assistance, and exploration in which students develop a sound foundation of knowledge and wealth of experience in the visual arts. Each major gives a background in the fundamentals of the formal, technical, and theoretical concerns of the artist from both historical and contemporary perspectives.

Art studio courses, art history lectures and seminars, and the university gallery programs provide the context for the curricula in our two majors; Studio Art and Art History. Students majoring in art must complete the core requirements and those from his or her selected area of concentration: Studio Art, Photography, or Design.

The Gallery Programs

La Verne boasts a number of creative spaces and galleries for La Verne’s art-minded community. The Harris Art Gallery, Tall Wall Space, campus sculpture garden, and university permanent collection comprise The University of La Verne Art Exhibition and Outreach Programs. The Irene Carlson Photography Gallery and West Gallery showcase other important exhibits while providing opportunities for experiences in gallery work.

It is the aim of the gallery programs at the university to advance artistic and cultural awareness through exhibitions, artists’ lectures, workshops, and symposia in synergy with the art and art history programs in the College of Arts and Sciences. The Harris Art Gallery opened in 1996 and is recognized as a distinctive space for the exhibition of contemporary art by professional and student artists.

Performance Scholarships

Each year, the University of La Verne offers $31,000 scholarships to two incoming students who demonstrate a deep commitment to studio art. These Performance Scholarships are renewable to those who continue to excel throughout their academic career. It’s an incredible opportunity to share your portfolio with faculty and prepare yourself for lifetime connected to art; learn more today.