Majoring in Studio Art

Degree Requirements

Total program: 48 semester hours

Core Requirements

22 semester hours

ART 120Foundations of Design4
ART 140Drawing Techniques and Materials4
ART 200Introduction to Visual Culture4
ART 212Materials, Tools & Techniques for the Visual Arts4
ART 392Junior Seminar2
ART 499Senior Project Seminar4
Total Semester Hours22


26 semester hours

100-200 Level Studio Courses
Select a minimum of 8 semester hours of the following:8
ART 221
Introduction to Design for Stage and Studio
ART 250
Sculpture I
ART 260
Painting I
ART 270
Installation Art
ART 280
Beginning Digital Art Practices
PHOT 110
Introduction to Analog Photography
PHOT 130
Introduction to Digital Photography
Art History Courses
Select a minimum of 8 semester hours of the following:8
ART 210
Art History Foundation: Ancient through Early Renaissance
ART 211
Art History Foundation: Renaissance through Contemporary
ART 390
Art History: Selected Topics
300-400 level Art History courses
300-400 Level Studio Art Courses
Select a minimum of 10 semester hours of the following:10
ART 340
Life Drawing I
ART 343
Life Drawing II
ART 350
Sculpture II
ART 370
Painting II
ART 380
Advanced Digital Art Practice
ART 460
Oil Painting
PHOT 315
Alternative Processes
PHOT 351
Landscape Photography
Internship in Art
Study Abroad
Total Semester Hours26