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Tall Wall Space

Edifice Artifice: Cole M. James
October 1, 2018-May 17, 2019
Edifice Artifice The Tall Wall Space is excited to announce Edifice Artifice, a site-specific installation by Cole M. James. Spanning across a 50-foot wall, James presents an assembled environment that playfully investigates architectural space and graciously personifies a decade of her artistic practice.  
Rotem Reshef: Time Traveler
September 5-December 15, 2017
Rotem Reshef, Unnamed 40 The University of La Verne is thrilled to announce the exhibition of Action painter Rotem Reshef and her newest work, Time Traveler, a large-scale installation made of interwoven, hand-painted canvas scrolls that will cover a 400 x 554 inch wall.
The Expulsion: Etchi Werner-Nyiri
February 1-May 15, 2018
Etchi Werner-Nyiri's wall installation, The Expulsion, references a long tradition in art history of depicting Adam and Eve's forced exile from the Garden of Eden.