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Harris Art Gallery

The mission of the Harris Art Gallery reflects the university’s commitment to diversity and quality in education by developing excellent contemporary art exhibitions for La Verne and local communities, providing students and others access to the wider art community, and confronting a diverse range of ideas as expressed through contemporary art and fostering a discourse around these issues.

The gallery is located in the Landis Academic Center on the La Verne Campus campus of The University of La Verne. For more information, contact Dion Johnson at (909) 448-4383.

May 14-21, 2024
University of La Verne - Harris Art Gallery - IncandescenceYsabela V. Montes’s and Emily A. Van Der Linden’s projects focus on portraiture and still life. Paintings of family members, familiar objects, and influential figures grant viewers insight into unique personalities and intricate intimacies.
February 6-March 21, 2024
University of La Verne - Harris Art Gallery - Signals - Gallery - Dark ViewSignals presents paintings of different shapes and sizes that range from figurative representation to color-focused abstraction, graphic precision to expressive gesture, up-beat tempo to calm meditation, and impressive scale to nuanced detail.
Cluttercore, Rasquachismo, and the Indelible Need to Display
October 31-November 30, 2023
Art Exhibition - Mandy Cano Villalobos - Whistle for a Fly 2023  Jacqueline Valenzuela Mandy Cano Villalobos Tessie Salcido Whitmore Julia Emiliani Melora Garcia Anna Valdez Exhibit explores home displays for Chicanos and maximalists in US U. La Verne show includes paintings, assemblage, and installations (LA VERNE, Calif. – Oct. 6, 2023) An exhibit celebrating eccentric display culture in American life will run from Oct. 31 through […]
dEE-lie-LA, Poderosa, The Healers: An Exploration of Wellness
September 5-October 12, 2023
Kristin Bauer, Dream Awake 2021-2023The Harris Gallery is excited to present " dEE-lie-LA, Poderosa, The Healers: An Exploration of Wellness," an exhibition celebrating the power, resilience, and unique experiences of women in the realm of wellness.
Knowledge of the Artists: Art 390 Curatorial Practices
May 18-23, 2023
Maya Sanchez, Volume, 2023Unlike the usual works displayed in the Harris gallery, the journey of artists as curators is documented and exhibited in Knowledge of the Artists. Twelve of the University of Laverne’s own students have hand selected themes and developed them into curatorial exhibits to be showcased. In doing so they have set a foundation for their own future exhibitions.
small seas
April 11-May 11, 2023
Liat Yossifor, "Inside," oil on paper, 12"x9"A sophisticated colorist, Liat Yossifor begins by actively mixing bright warm tones and vibrant cool hues into each other.
Asymmetrical Orbits
February 7-March 23, 2023
Asymmetrical Orbits is a group exhibition of sculptures, three-dimensional works and curious objects by Linda Nguyen Lopez, Jon Pylypchuk, Nicolas Shake, Vincent Tomczyk, and Connie Martin Trevino. 
Vantage Point
December 6-14, 2022
Samantha GonzalezThe Department of Art and Art History's 2022 Senior Art Exhibition showcases the artwork of this year’s graduating senior art majors.
Welcome Here!
September 6-October 27, 2022
Ongoing Matter projectThe Harris Gallery is pleased to present "Welcome Here!", an exploration and critical geographic reimagination of Americana and the diversity it encompasses.
About Place
March 15-May 12, 2022
Ashley Hagen, "Home" (2019)Working in sculpture, photography, video and installation, the artists of "About Place" explore ideas of “place” as geography, architecture, the environment, migration, and home.
December 7, 2021-January 28, 2022
The Department of Art and Art History cordially invites you to attend the 2021 Senior Art Exhibition showing the artwork of this year’s graduating Senior Studio Art majors.
New Histories
September 7-October 28, 2021
New HistoriesNew Histories is a group exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Walpa D’Mark, June Edmonds, Asad Faulwell, and Erin Trefry. With an idiosyncratic use of images, and signifiers, these artists offer access into rich visual worlds of personal reflection, layered symbolism, and prophetic vision.
Kyoco Taniyama
March 15-May 14, 2021
Kyoco Taniyama: Sound from the Golden AgeKyoco Taniyama has exhibited her work extensively in Japan as well as international events and venues. She currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
Felding Innocence
October 16, 2020
Chuck Feesago, Felding InnocenceThe Harris Gallery presents an online solo multimedia installation by Chuck Feesago. With an extensive exhibition record that has included performance, digital media, installation, and painting, Feesago’s studio practice continues to morph and evolve.
Blooming Resilience
May 12-31, 2020
Blooming ResilienceThe Department of Art and Art History is proud to present Blooming Resilience. The exhibition takes place in a virtual version of the Harris Gallery and includes pieces by the Painting I and Painting II classes from this spring semester.
A Room of One’s Own
December 3, 2019-February 27, 2020
Featuring works of Cassidy Badua, Sara Crespo, Isabella Dominguez, Roiann James, Maria Juncaj, Lily Meza, Marissa Reyes, and Chanel Rodriguez.
Secret Garden
September 3-October 24, 2019
Blue Art PieceSecret Garden is a group exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Rochelle Botello, Gary Brewer, Jason David and Rema Ghuloum. With playful allusions to both real and imagined spaces, this exhibition presents an environment saturated with synthetic and natural colors. Viewers are invited to discover physical and illusionistic relationships between objects and images. In the gallery space, bold textured surfaces and densely layered atmospheres transition into quiet introspective moments and intimate sensory perceptions.
Phoebe Beasley Artist Talk and Reception
March 19-May 16, 2019
Wheels Down at LAX and View the Elegance and Style of Paul R Williams, Architect 2010 photo montage 36 x 36 inchesHarris Gallery presents Unsung Requiem: Lost Then Found, a survey of works by acclaimed mixed-media artist Phoebe Beasley.
Zodiac Ballet
February 12-March 7, 2019
Zodiac Ballet is a group exhibition featuring works by Kent Anderson Butler, Joseph Cardenas, Alex Couwenberg, Austin Howland, Keanna Ide, Melissa Thorne, Etchi Werner-Nyiri and Jessica Wimbley.
Ichrio Irie and Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia
September 4-October 25, 2018
Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia: Kuntur Amaru, 2017The Harris Gallery is excited to present ‘Secrets for the Moon,’ a two person exhibition featuring works by Ichrio Irie and Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia. Generous support for exhibition programming is provided by the Office of Diversity and Inclusivity.
February 13-April 26, 2018
The Harris Gallery is excited to present Biomythography: Reflexive Remix featuring works by Andrea Chung, Vanessa German, Todd Gray, Tarrah Krajnak and Suné Woods.
Sonya Clark
February 1-April 27, 2017
The University of La Verne is pleased to present The Hair Craft Project, a solo exhibition by Sonya Clark.
Joella Jean Mahoney
September 1-October 31, 2016
The University of La Verne is pleased to present "Joella Jean Mahoney: Passionate Vision: Landscape Painting of the Colorado Plateau, 1965-2016".
Hilary Baker: From Where I’m Standing
April 5-May 19, 2016
From Where I'm Standing: Hilary BakerThe Harris Gallery is proud to present ‘From Where I’m Standing,’ a solo painting exhibition featuring the work of Hilary Baker. This exhibition highlights selections from four distinct bodies of work that are united by a synthesis of representation and abstraction.
Imaginary Selves
February 2-March 10, 2016
The Harris Gallery is proud to present 'Imaginary Selves,' a group exhibition. 'Imaginary Selves' signals the possibly for alternate personas, secret identities or perhaps fictionalized memories.
Roots and Shooting Stars: La Verne Alumni Exhibition
September 8-October 29, 2015
Roots and Shooting Stars: La Verne Alumni ExhibitionThe Harris Gallery is proud to present 'Roots and Shooting Stars' an alumni exhibition featuring the work of Alycia Anthony, Dicran Kassouny, Mabel Martinez, Christy Roberts, Eduardo Rodriguez, Sunny Samuel, M. Louise Stanley and Susie Stockholm with an exhibition essay by Matthew Breatore.
Sarah Cromarty and Christopher Russell
April 2-May 15, 2015
The Harris Gallery is proud to present "Scientific Magic," a two person exhibition of recent work by Sarah Cromarty and Christopher Russell.
Nowhaus: Domestic Objects in the Modernist Tradition
February 3-March 5, 2015
The Harris Gallery presents NOWHAUS: Domestic Objects in the Modernist Tradition, an exhibition of art and design including modernist furniture, contemporary ceramics and custom bicycle design.
Keith Lord and Nancy Macko
April 1-May 22, 2014
The Harris Gallery is proud to present a two person exhibition by Los Angeles based artists Keith Lord and Nancy Macko.
Hacer: Space Form Shape
February 3-March 6, 2014
Hacer: Space Form ShapeThe Harris Gallery is proud to present a solo exhibition by Los Angeles based artist Hacer. With a skillful balance of formal design and personal showmanship, Hacer creates precise, large-scale sculptures rooted in narratives of childhood play.
Out of Rubble
September 2-November 4, 2013
Out of Rubble: Susanne Slavick"Out of Rubble" reacts to the wake of war — its realities and its representations. The rubble that each war leaves behind shapes today and tomorrow — physically, psychologically and spiritually.
Campus: Selections from the La Verne Art Collection
April 16-May 30, 2013
Kim Schoenstadt, Campus: Selections from the La Verne Art CollectionThe University of La Verne Harris Gallery is proud to present CAMPUS selections from the La Verne art collection.
Melanie Nakaue
February 4-March 14, 2013
The Way of Things: Melanie NakaueThe Harris Art Gallery presents "The Way of Things," a solo exhibition by Melanie Nakaue. This multimedia installation integrates stop-motion animation, still-life portraiture and model scale sculpture to present an artificial ecology reflective of human nature.
Chad Attie & Bettina Hubby
November 5-December 4, 2012
Site: Chad Attie & Bettina Hubby"Site" explores the rich source of imagery both artists find in their immediate environments: in the streets, markets, parks, buildings and construction sites of Los Angeles.
September 10-October 18, 2012
Visible"Visible" is a group exhibition featuring Los Angeles artists who have drawing-based studio practices.
ATA: An Exhibition of Contemporary Samoan Artists
April 28-May 24, 2012
ATA: An Exhibition of Contemporary Samoan ArtistsATA brings together contemporary artists of Samoan descent who, through their practices, are influenced by the shadows of the past.
Auguste Rodin
February 6-March 29, 2012
Auguste Rodin"Mirror of the Soul" is an exhibition of twenty-seven bronze sculptures generously lent by the Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Foundation.
Yoko Ono Imagine Peace
November 7-December 15, 2011
Yoko Ono Imagine Peace"Yoko Ono Imagine Peace" focuses on the thematic ideals of peace and love, and follows the work of Yoko Ono and John Lennon chronologically as solo artists, as a couple in the 1960s, and also includes a selection of Ono's recent solo works.
Covering Ground
September 13-October 20, 2011
Covering Ground"Covering Ground" is a collaboration between six mid-career abstract painters from Los Angeles, CA and Melbourne, Australia.
March 29-April 28, 2011
"Inside-Out" is a group exhibition featuring Southern California artists whose practices blur the line between interior and exterior orientation.
Michael Woodcock
February 1-March 4, 2011
Michael WoodcockMichael Woodcock makes paintings that do curious things with time and space while never letting you forget the here-and-now.
Erin Dunn & Kyle Riedel
October 26-December 2, 2010
Someone Told Me You'd Be Here: Erin Dunn & Kyle Riedel"Someone Told Me You'd Be Here" juxtaposes photographs and an installation by Kyle Riedel with mixed media and video works by Erin Dunn.
Seth Kaufman
September 14-October 14, 2010
Seth KaufmanKaufman describes his process as redemption, although calling it the deliberate misuse of materials has a more rebellious, subversive ring to it.
Curtis Stage
March 30-April 30, 2010
Side Effects I Didn't Expect: Curtis StageUsing technology Stage creates spatial shifts where ordinary places, shapes and objects are suspended in a state of constant mix and remix. The quirkiness and lighthearted humor of his work are balanced by a masterful warping of scale and space.
It’s All Around You
February 9-March 9, 2010
It's All Around YouIt's All Around You, a group exhibition of Los Angeles based artists whose work examines natural and synthetic elements of our environment.
Ruby Osorio & Macha Suzuki
October 27-November 24, 2009
Tomorrow Never Knows: Ruby Osorio & Macha Suzuki"Tomorrow Never Knows" juxtaposes works on paper by Ruby Osorio with sculptures by Macha Suzuki, encouraging viewers to look beyond practical ideas for efficient design and instead explore the pleasures of impossible scenarios.
Psychic Hearts
September 8-October 8, 2009
Psychic Hearts"Psychic Hearts" is a group exhibition of painters from Los Angeles and New York whose work blurs the distinction between memory and fiction inviting the exploration of altered realities.
Structural Integrity
April 14-May 7, 2009
Structural Integrity"Structural Integrity" is a group exhibition featuring Los Angeles based artists who reveal and obscure meaning through constructed forms and layered surfaces.
Daina Higgins & Liat Yossifor
February 10-March 13, 2009
To Here Knows When: Daina Higgins & Liat Yossifor"To Here Knows When" balances an atmosphere of internal and external currents, where rhythmic restlessness Liat Yossifor's entanglements resonates with the inward diffusion of Daina Higgins' urban spaces.
Phillip K Smith III
October 21-November 21, 2008
Organic Geometries: Phillip K Smith IIIThe Harris Art Gallery of The University of La Verne Department of Art and Art History presents an exhibition of work by Phillip K. Smith III including drawings and models of his public art projects.