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Vantage Point

December 6-14, 2022

Featured Artists

  • Nadia Angeline
  • Mariana Braña
  • Samantha Gonzalez
  • Kaitlin Handler
  • Laryssa Lahn
  • Sam van der Linden
  • Byron Melendez
  • Hayley Love Perez

The works in this exhibition are varied in subject matter and media and present a perspective into the minds of this group of artists. In a sense the pieces are autobiographical, but the way you are invited to meet the artists is far more visceral than a self-portrait. It is through their intense pursuit to understand the innermost vulnerable parts of their mind as they start you, the viewer, off on your own search for this knowledge of yourself. It is this central theme of consciously choosing to explore and reveal this personal outlook that anchors these pieces together to conceive “Vantage Point.”

By wandering into the subconscious, confronting the past, and willfully stepping into the realm of their anxieties, these artists engage in a highly intimate and active exploration while simultaneously creating an immersive experience that centers the self. Some works create a sense of hope and warmth through their vibrancy of colors and intimate scale while other pieces are a cold act of remembering, partially lost and unattainable yet immortalized in unchanging acrylic paint. There are pieces in this exhibition that aim to instill fear, anxiety, or the sense of loss through dark or surreal imagery, as if you were trapped in an unfamiliar space. This exhibition is a psychological, interpersonal, and aesthetic exploration of self as the viewer is invited to gaze through the vantage point of the artists and consider their own.

Exhibition essay excerpt, Mariana Braña