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The University of La Verne will offer two $25,000 scholarships in each of the six academic programs listed below with fourth year full-tuition in each of the featured performance areas for the 2021-2022 academic year. Scholarships are for incoming freshmen, international and transfer students only (must maintain a cumulative┬áGPA of 3.0).

Scholarships are renewable annually up to four years of undergraduate study based on the student’s academic progress and participation in their performance scholarship area. Students are strongly encouraged to apply for state and federal financial aid in addition to this scholarship.

Departments will contact select applications in early February to schedule virtual auditions which will take place from February 22-27, 2021. Scholarship winners will be announced by mid-March prior to fall semester. Scholarship recipients will have until April 9, 2021 to accept the Performance Scholarship.

Two scholarships are available in each of the six areas of visual and performing arts:

Art/Art History (any media)
Communications (film and television production)
Music (voice or instrument)
Speech (debate)
Theatre (performance or design)

Application Requirements

  1. Complete and submit the following application materials by midnight, January 10, 2021.
    • University of La Verne Application (You may use either the La Verne application or the Common Application)
    • Performance Scholarship Supplemental Application (You will need to submit your La Verne application first and set up your admission portal before having access to the Supplemental Application)
    • Performance Scholarship Recommendation (You may upload this to your application portal after application submission or request your recommender to email it to
    • Area Specific Requirements (You may upload these to your application portal after application submission)
    • Resume: Please prepare and submit your one-page resume detailing your work related to the performance scholarship area for which you are applying and upload to your application portal.
  2. Please note: If you choose to submit a test score for admission consideration, the December ACT/SAT will be the last test date that will be honored to be reviewed for admission into the university for performance scholarship applicants.
  3. Each department will notify applicants of the interview and selection process by mid-February 2021.
  4. Applicants are required to major or minor in the performance area. Please refer to Area Specific Requirements.
  5. Applicants may only apply under one performance area.
  6. Recipients must enroll full-time at the University of La Verne and continuously attend while maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  7. Applicants are required to be fully admitted graduating high school seniors, eligible transfer students, or international students.
  8. Applications and paperwork received after January 10, 2021 will not be accepted.

Any combination of institutional gift (University of La Verne Scholarships, awards, and grants) cannot exceed the total of yearly cost of tuition and fees.┬áThe Performance Scholarship is considered a merit scholarship and as such┬á may not be combined with any other university merit scholarships.