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A great strength of the University of La Verne Communications Department is its internship program. A multitude of professional organizations are listed on these pages. Some have had La Verne students before and their supervisors have enthusiastically said, “Send us another talented person like the last.” Some are new offerings. While some are paid, others are not. A few have led to permanent jobs for junior/senior students. All have offered valuable, hands-on experience to our students and challenged them with the same responsibilities as regular full-time employees.

Indeed, the internship is the bridge between theory, mediated laboratory practice and the profession. Students need a route to future employment. Employers need professionals-in-training. Educators need the twain to meet and facilitate a meaningful educational experience. The internship experience meets the expectations of students, employers and educators in fulfilling these tasks.


The internship experience is required of all majors in the Department of Communications.

Given that students participating in the internship program are expected to receive all the rights and work requirements of a salaried employee, enrollment for internship 497 should be considered a privilege by the student. As such, eligibility for professional internship positions is determined by grade point average, faculty recommendations and laboratory experience on campus publications/broadcast stations. Students must submit proof of their eligibility before permission to enroll is granted.

Minimum requirements for student participation

  • Junior/Senior Status
  • 2.3 grade point average in the major
  • Communications faculty adviser signature
  • On-the-job internship supervisor signature
  • An up-to-date résumé
  • An up-to-date, professional looking portfolio, reel, clip book or the equivalent.
  • At least one semester’s work on a campus publication/broadcast station

Required contract hours for university units

  • University of La Verne students are required to spend 60 hours at the internship for one semester unit. Therefore, 120 hours at the internship equal two units; 180 contact hours equal three units and 240 contact hours equal four units. The above hours for unit value serve as minimum requirements. It is recognized by the faculty because of University schedule load consideration, many students put in far greater hours on the internship than unit value awarded.
  • A student may earn a maximum of four units during a given internship registration.
  • Communications students may register for a maximum of eight internship units during their undergraduate years.
  • Internships are limited to one registration at a given job site; however, students may appeal to the internship director for two registrations at the same job site. The appeal will be considered using the following parameters: (1) Is the second term providing the student with greater responsibility? (2) Is the student participating in a different job within the company during the second term of service? (3) Will continuation of the internship help the student gain employment with the company upon graduation?

Paid Internships

The Communications Department does not take into consideration whether an internship is paid or unpaid when awarding grades or unit value. Pay for internship hours, if possible, is arranged solely by the student.

Transportation and Liability While on the Internship

Students enrolled in Internship 497 are responsible for transportation to and from the internship site. The University holds no liability for off-site experiences or incidents that occur during travel to or from internship job locations.

Summer Internships

Summer internships are permitted. Individuals gaining a summer internship are required to register for Internship 497 during the fall semester, attend all class sessions and submit all necessary uniform internship documents. It is important for students to note that faculty will not be on contract or on campus during the summer months. All internship business will commence during the fall semester, starting with the first semester class meeting.

Registration Rules

It is recognized that internships sometimes do not fall within the neat confines of the traditional semester. Nevertheless, students must register for Internship 497 during registration periods only after gaining an internship job.

  • Registration is limited to fall, January Interterm (when available) and spring semester.
  • Registration may only take place after a student completes the uniform internship application, complete with necessary signatures.


For more tips on how to get an internship, here is a workshop led by Dr. George Keeler: