Majoring in Communications

The Communications Major allows the students to design a program in the mass media to fulfill their individual interests preparing for careers in public relations and information, multimedia or broadcast journalism.


Convergence is the key word in the broadcast industry as broadcast, journalism and multimedia are merged, thanks to the computer. Born from this merger are new jobs and new opportunities. An emphasis in multimedia challenges students to experience computer-generated print production, computer-aided broadcast editing, television motion graphics and web design.

Public Affairs and Information

Thousands of jobs exist in public relations and public affairs. This unique major prepares student for these multifaceted career opportunities through key foundation classes in journalism, broadcasting and multimedia joined with cutting-edge public relations classes.

Degree Requirements

Prerequisite Requirement

JOUR 100News Reporting4
Total Semester Hours4

Core Requirements

27 semester hours

JOUR 166Introduction to Mass Media4
or JOUR 465 History of Mass Media-Printed and Electronic
JOUR 220Newspaper Production2
JOUR 226Digital Storytelling for Journalism4
JOUR 317Graphic Production Processes and Design for Publications4
JOUR 460Law and the Mass Media4
JOUR 467Ethics of Mass Media-Printed and Electronic4
JOUR 497Internship1
JOUR 499Senior Project4
Total Semester Hours27

Public Relations Concentration

32 semester hours

JOUR 301Writing for Public Relations4
JOUR 305Radio and TV Newswriting and Editing4
JOUR 325Magazine Production2
JOUR 328Media Sales4
JOUR 330Theory and Principles of Public Relations4
JOUR 430Public Relations Methods4
Select one of the following three:4
BUS 360
Principles of Marketing
BUS 368
Integrated Marketing Communication
MGMT 354
Oral Communication in Organization
Select 6 units of electives from courses in the Communications Department and/or other related fields.6
Total Semester Hours32