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Collegiate Broadcasters, Inc.

2016 Winners

  • Jada Gamble, Scott Feuerhelm, Armando Tapia – “Cravings”
    Finalist, Best Video Special Broadcast (Television)

2015 Winners

  • Mckinley Pollock, Serena Ghazzawi – “The Transformation”
    First Place, Best Video Special Broadcast (Television)

2013 Winners

  • Matthew Ashby, Brandon Montalvo, Chelsea Stark-Jones – “Enjoying the Journey”
    Finalist, Best Sportscast (Television)

2012 Winners

  • Kaitlin Hollingsworth, Marie Tabarez, Daniel Bateman – “Sizzlin'”
    Finalist, Best PSA (Television)
  • Anthony Trolli, McKinley Pollock, Chelsea Stark-Jones – “Party Foul”
    Finalist, Best General Interest Entertainment (Television)

2007 Winners

  • Adrianna Castillo, Raymond Kaptur, Evan Mobley, Joseph Valencia – “Monitor Your Kids”
    Finalist, Best PSA (Television)
  • Angela Gangi – “Kevin Normginton’s Death”
    Finalist, Best News Reporting (Television)
  • Kevin Schatz – “ULV Mediation Center”
    Finalist, Best PSA (Radio)

2004 Winners

  • Best Technical Production (Television)
  • Dana Bosch
    Best VJ (Television)
  • Best PSA (Television)

2003 Winners

  • LVTV-3 – “Eye on La Verne”
    Best Newscast (Television)
  • Nathan Baca
    Best News Reporting (Television)
  • Dana Bosch and Jorge Lezzam
    Best Sports Play-by-Play (Television)

2002 Winners

  • Edna Becerra and Agustin Avalos
    Finalist, Best Feature Broadcast (Television)
  • Erin Coleman
    Finalist, Best Newscast (Radio)
  • James Morrison
    1st Place, Best Sportscast (Television)
  • James Morrison
    Finalist, Best Sportscast (Television)
  • James Morrison, Nate Michael and Shane Rodrigues
    1st Place, Best Sports Play-by-play (Television)
  • Bryan Smith and Rene Luna
    Finalist, Best News Reporting (Television)

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