Majoring in Photography

Degree Requirements

Total program: 52 semester hours

Core Requirements

40 semester hours

ART 120Foundations of Design4
PHOT 110Introduction to Analog Photography4
PHOT 130Introduction to Digital Photography4
PHOT 305History of Photography4
PHOT 220Intermediate Digital Photography4
PHOT 327Staff Photography2,2
PHOT 356Professional Practice4
PHOT 360Studio Lighting4
PHOT 365The Female Frame4
PHOT 499Senior Project4
Total Semester Hours40


Select a minimum of 12 semester hours from at least 3 different courses.

PHOT 299Independent Study1-4
PHOT 315Alternative Processes4
PHOT 321Portrait Photography4
PHOT 351Landscape Photography4
PHOT 354Documentary Practices4
PHOT 399Independent Study1-4
PHOT 421Events and Weddings4
PHOT 422Architectural Photography4
PHOT 450Special Topics in Photography4
PHOT 497Internship1-4