The Photography Department at the University of La Verne offers undergraduate-level courses that develop technical, critical and conceptual skills for a practice-based approach to the medium. The combined curriculum of analog and digital photographic methods provides the students with a full technical and theoretical grounding necessary for maintaining an artistic practice while refining the practical skills applicable to building a photographic career in the artistic, commercial and/or media fields.

We offer a strong and multifaceted photography curriculum that encourages students to develop a critical voice, debate without preconceived answers, grow as individuals and understand the historical, social and theoretical context in which they create and exhibit their work. Our range of classes provide insights into the multiple ways to translate conceptual issues into photographic works and how to choose the appropriate medium in which to convey these ideas. Students are motivated to work beyond their comfort zones and are asked to bring deeper conceptual, technical, historical and theoretical methods to their practice.

Our small classroom sizes foster inclusivity and opportunities for students to participate in productive dialogues which aid them to develop their own ideas about self, art and society. Students are exposed to a wide range of historical and international artists that challenge their notions of art and identity. We then examine the social, cultural and historical contexts within which their work resides. With this broad understanding of the diverse history and the contemporary practice of art making, students learn to question their roles as artists within the many communities that they and the school as a whole are involved. Our courses create space for critical conversations about photography and society and provides students with opportunities for experiential learning and community engagement that further aids them in becoming the next generation of inclusive, creative, independent, critical thinkers and leaders.

We are dedicated to teaching the principles of creating and sustaining a photographic practice in dynamic, hands-on ways that will remain with the student long after they leave our classrooms. Photography is a technically demanding and ever evolving field, yet we maintain a balance between the conceptual and the technical within each course. Through a combination of one on one mentoring and group critiques, we encourage experimentation, constructive criticism and community involvement. The classroom methods that we employ help to guide a transformative impact on our students through providing them with a solid technical and conceptual foundation that continues to enhance their education even after graduation.