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What are the courses like?

Photography classes at La Verne are always changing and always designed to hone basic skills. Even in the upper division courses, we regularly revisit the techniques of darkroom and digital photography in ways that add to our repertoire of techniques. We often choose technical topics based on the needs of class members for the semester.

Darkroom processing and digital editing are intertwined in the contemporary craft of photography. For this reason, all courses now involve aspects of each means. We always choose the most appropriate techniques for the pictures that are on our minds.

Photography is a compelling storytelling medium. For this reason, many of the assignments we offer in our classes represent opportunities for personal expression. As we pursue our work, we continually share in careful and supportive critique. This approach helps us grow; it’s one of the ways by which we learn how others perceive our work.

There is a difference between seeing physiologically and seeing photographically. To know the extent of this difference, to understand the power of photography for visual revelation always slightly beyond our physiological capacity and physical presence, we develop our courses to help us reach ideas in our own, individual, conceptual continuity, then apply techniques to reach these expressive ideas.

Photography is fun. It’s interesting to see how life looks if we photograph it.

Who can take the courses?

Photography is a craft, applicable across the breadth of human experience and in service to every academic discipline. For this reason, we invite anyone at any class level interested in taking pictures to participate.