Certificate in Website and Internet Applications Development

This Program in Website and Internet Applications Development (WIAD) prepares students to design, create and administer interactive websites and applications that utilize client and server side programming technologies. This program has a particular value in industry where it is used as a currency in the Website and Internet Apps Development. This certificate is for students interested in application development fundamentals understanding the development process for building and deploying desktop and mobile websites, and password protected database driven applications. All requirements must be completed within three (3) years after the student enrolls in the first course. All courses in this certificate can apply to the B.S. in Computer Science Program with the Internet Programming Concentration, if desired.

Chair: Seta Whitby
Certificate Program Manager: Jozef Goetz

Required Courses: 24 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
CMPS 218 Publishing on the Web I 4
CMPS 319 Publishing on the Web II 4
CMPS 320 Internet Apps Development 4
CMPS 378 C# Programming 4
CMPS 480 Distributed Internet Computing 4
CMPS 481 Mobile Apps Development 4