E-Commerce, BS

Degree Requirements

Total program: 66 semester hours


18 semester hours

CMPS 200Information Technology2
ACCT 203Financial and Managerial Accounting4
ECON 228Economic Theories & Issues4
BUS 270Statistics4
MGMT 300Principles of Management4
Total Semester Hours18

Core Requirements

32 Semester hours

BUS 360Principles of Marketing4
BUS 416Electronic Commerce4
CMPS 218Publishing on the Web I4
CMPS 368Principles of Computer Networks4
CMPS 378C# Programming4
CMPS 392Project Management4
CMPS 410Management Information Systems4
CMPS 499Senior Project4
Select one of the following concentrations:12
Engineering of E-Commerce
Information System of E-Commerce
Total Semester Hours44


12 Semester hours

Engineering of E-Commerce

CMPS 319Publishing on the Web II4
CMPS 320Internet Apps Development4
CMPS 481Mobile Applications Development4
Total Semester Hours12

Information System of E-Commerce

CMPS 375Systems Analysis and Design4
CMPS 420Cybersecurity4
CMPS 490Database Management Systems4
Total Semester Hours12


Select one of the following:4
CMPS 301Programming Concepts4
CMPS 302The Digital Society4
CMPS 369Local Area Networks4
CMPS 379Java4
CMPS 386Introduction to Data Mining4
CMPS 388Software Engineering4
CMPS 372Introduction to Python Programming4
CMPS 390Special Topics in Computer Science4
CMPS 450Automata Theory4
CMPS 451Artificial Intelligence4
CMPS 453Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence4
CMPS 480Distributed Internet Computing4
CMPS 481Mobile Applications Development4
CMPS 491Systems Architecture4