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Senior Project

All senior math majors at the University of La Verne are required to complete a Senior Project to fulfill the requirements for graduation. This body of work is expected to be 1) the solution of a research problem, either in pure or applied mathematics, or mathematics education, or 2) an expository study of a mathematical or mathematics education topic that you have not formally studied in a previous course.

The Senior Project demonstrates that students have been interactive with upper level mathematics or mathematics education, on an independent basis, under the guidance of a faculty advisor. Through this activity, they gain experience in:

  • reading professionally written mathematical or mathematics education articles;
  • developing proficiency in coherent mathematical writing;
  • learning how to analyze and synthesize in expository projects; and
  • effectively communicating the findings of the project in both oral and written format.

Math seniors are evaluated according to mathematical or mathematics education content, exposition, and effort. Students interested in learning more about the process are encouraged to review the Senior Project Handbook.