Mathematics, BA

Degree Requirements

B.A. 58 semester hours

B.S. 62 semester hours

Core Requirements for B.A. and B.S.

24 semester hours

MATH 201Calculus I4
MATH 202Calculus II4
MATH 305Transition to Advanced Mathematics4
MATH 311Calculus III4
MATH 320Linear Algebra4
MATH 499AMath Senior Seminar A2
MATH 499BMath Senior Seminar B2
Total Semester Hours24

Additional Core Requirements for B.A.

8 semester hours

MATH 319Vector Calculus4
or MATH 328 Abstract Algebra
MATH 325Number Theory4
or MATH 351 Probability
Total Semester Hours8

Additional Core Requirements for B.S.

12 semester hours

MATH 315Differential Equations4
MATH 328Abstract Algebra4
MATH 410Real Analysis4
Total Semester Hours12

Prerequisite Requirements for B.A. and B.S.

14 semester hours

CMPS 367Object Oriented Language C++4
PHYS 203Physics I: Mechanics5
PHYS 204Physics II: Electricity & Magnetism5
Total Semester Hours14

Electives for B.A. and B.S.

A minimum of 12 semester hours in upper division mathematics courses.

Note: All Mathematics courses being transferred in to fulfill requirements for the Mathematics major must be approved by the Mathematics Program Chair. All courses from community colleges are, by definition, lower-division and are rarely approved as equivalent to upper division courses taught at La Verne.