Program Highlights

ABA Approval

California State Compliance

  • A graduate with either the bachelor’s degree or Paralegal Certificate will meet the California definition of a paralegal, as set out in Business and Professions Code section 6450.


Minimum Completion Requirements

  • Bachelor’s students: 128 semester units
  • Certificate students: 32 semester units

Minimum Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s students: see university requirements
  • Certificate students: (1) a bachelor’s degree or (2) sixty (60) semester hours (including a minimum of 18 in general education) from an accredited college. The general education must include at least three semester hours in college level English composition and 15 units from at least three of the following academic areas: social and behavioral science; English composition and literature; foreign language; mathematics; humanities; natural science; appreciation or history of the arts.

Course Transfer Policies

  • University of La Verne accepts some courses from paralegal programs at other institutions for credit towards the Legal Studies Bachelor’s Degree and the Paralegal Certificate. Review the complete statement of our transfer policies.

Class Schedule

  • Each Legal Studies course meets once per week.
  • All Legal Studies courses are taught in the evening.
  • Two semesters per year: fall and spring.
  • New students are accepted each semester.


  • University of La Verne, Central Campus, in the City of La Verne, eastern Los Angeles County, Southern California.

Library Facilities

Internships and Job Assistance

  • Required Internship.
  • Career Center will provide information on paralegal job offerings.
  • Job assistance through published job opportunities; help in writing cover letters and resumes; interview preparation through mock interviews.

Department Regulations for Students