Advisory Committee Members

Practicing Lawyers

  • Winifred L. Brewer
    Attorney at Law
  • Stephanie Clemens
    Private Law Firm
  • Bea Royster
    Directing Attorney
    Neighborhood Legal Services, Pomona Self-Help Center

Paralegals from the Public and Private Sectors

  • Travis Chow
    Private law firm
  • Jonathan Dang
    Private law firm
  • Dana Fischel, C.P.
    Law Offices of Edward B. Fischel
  • Tracy Hall
    Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office
  • Susan Kastner
    Private law firm
  • Sonia Lagomarsino
    Private law firm
  • Rosalind Liddell
    Yahoo! Inc.
  • Allison Purcel
    Private law firm
  • Bobby Rimas
    Private law firm
  • Sophia Warner
    Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office
  • Denise Wyrick
    Axar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Managers of Paralegals

  • Yvonne A. Kubicek
    Paralegal Manager
    The Walt Disney Company

Members of the General Public and Other Members

  • Karen R. Maheu
    Division Director
    Beacon Hill Legal Staffing Group
  • Andre Robinson
    Red Cross

Faculty and School Administrator

  • Shannon Mathews
    Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Carolyn Bekhor
    Chair, Department of Legal Studies
  • Thomas Allison
    Assistant Professor of Legal Studies