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The Department of Legal Studies is a paralegal program approved by the American Bar Association. It offers both a bachelor’s degree and a Paralegal Certificate for those who have a degree.

Emphasis is on practical application of the law. Assignments include preparing documents, completing forms, and obtaining information based on the facts and law. For example, every student completes two semesters of litigation and prepares the following: complaint and answer, discovery documents, motions and points and authorities, determination of costs after trial, and many other relevant documents used in civil litigation.


Because experience is a vital component of the learning process and is necessary for preparation of the student for the paralegal field, the University of La Verne Legal Studies Department has instituted an Internship Program. This program is designed to provide the Paralegal student experience in a professional setting where the student can relate principles discussed in textbooks and classroom settings to real-life legal problems, in a legal environment, under responsible supervision.

Legal Studies Curriculum

The curriculum includes the following:

  1. overview of the law and legal careers;
  2. legal research and writing;
  3. ethics;
  4. law office computer applications;
  5. torts;
  6. contracts; and
  7. electives such as family law, criminal law, property and real estate transactions, business organizations, bankruptcy, wills, trusts and probate, immigration law and internship.

Many students have completed an internship of 90 hours working in a law firm doing paralegal tasks. Every student has a Westlaw password, enabling all students to become more competent in using it.

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