Majoring in Spanish

Degree Requirements

Total program: 40 semester hours

Prerequisite Requirements

8 semester hours

SPAN 210Intermediate Spanish I: Short Stories4
SPAN 211Intermediate Spanish II: Short Films4
Total Semester Hours8

Core Requirements

25-28 semester hours

ANTH 240Language and Culture4
or ENG 270 The Foundations of Linguistics
SPAN 414Spanish Composition & Advanced Grammar4
SPAN 320Hispanic Civilization and Culture I4
or SPAN 321 Hispanic Civilization and Culture II
SPAN 330Second Language Teaching4
SPAN 350Indigenous Writer-Translator4
SPAN 499Senior Project1-4
Select one of the following:4
SPAN 430
Caribbean Literature
SPAN 431
Word & Image: Mexico 1920-1940
SPAN 432
Hispanic Reading III
SPAN 433
Hispanic Reading IV
Total Semester Hours25-28


Additional upper division Spanish courses to complete a total of 40 semester hours, many of which may be taken abroad. Literature in translation courses do not apply toward the major, with the exception of SPAN 386 Chicano Literature.

Study Abroad

Spanish majors are strongly encouraged to supplement their La Verne language program with study in an approved program in a Spanish-speaking country.