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Spanish┬áis┬áboth offered as a major and minor at the University of La Verne. Anyone completing the major should demonstrate competence and cultural sensitivity necessary to function alongside native speakers. Because fluency and awareness of French and Hispanic civilization is at the heart of these studies, the university strongly encourages students to take a semester of study in a host country. La VerneÔÇÖs Study Abroad program can fill in the blanks for you.


Through the intensive and reflective study of world languages, linguistics, literatures and other cultural expressions, we seek to instill in students an understanding and appreciation of the cultural richness and diversity of the world, facilitate the development of linguistic proficiency in the languages studied and prepare students for their academic, professional, and personal futures as informed world citizens. Spanish prepares students for graduate studies and for a career in a variety of professional fields, including international affairs, business, journalism, teaching and global communications.