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Study Abroad - France


The French Program at the University of La Verne aims to familiarize students with the full spectrum of the cultural richness of the French speaking world through intensive study of the language, literature, and culture of francophone nations. With over 100 million speakers of French in the world in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas, the study of French provides students with a valuable global perspective on world affairs as well as a source of personal enrichment and enjoyment that comes from speaking another language.

Study Abroad

French majors are required to study abroad in France. Financial aid is available for this special opportunity.

A great number of courses in French can be made available to qualified students through study abroad programs in Paris or Strasbourg, France. Through Brethren Colleges Abroad (BCA) in Strasbourg, students take specialized French language classes for non-native speakers as well as a selection of other classes taught at their specific level.

Students already proficient in French may enroll in classes offered directly at the colleges of the Université de Strasbourg.

Classes offered in these programs and at the BCA center have included French Cinema, International Organizations, Phonetics, Advanced Syntax, French Media and Introduction to Provincial Studies.

Internships have been arranged for students in France at such institutions as the Institute for Human Rights, the International Red Cross, the Th√©√Ętre de Nancy, and the Biblioth√®que Am√©ricaine.

Career Paths

A major in French could be an excellent preparation for graduate studies in the humanities, law, and other fields. Students with majors or minors in French have found employment in international affairs and elementary, secondary, and higher education, both in the United States and abroad.