Majoring in Social Science

Degree Requirements

Total program: 56 semester hours

Core Requirements

HSTY 100World History to 15004
HSTY 101World History 1500 to Present4
HSTY 110US History to 18774
HSTY 111US History 1877 to the Present4
HSTY 417California History4
HSTY 398Approaches to History4
or PLSC 489 Political Science Research Methods
PLSC 201American Government & Politics4
ECON 220Economic Analysis I4
ECON 221Economic Analysis II4
GEOG 201Introduction to Geography4
HSTY 499Senior Project4
or PLSC 499 Senior Project
Total Semester Hours44


12 semester hours in upper division History or Political Science 

Concentration in Teaching, Single Subject

A Master of Arts in Teaching Pathway

The University of La Verne offers an undergraduate-to-master’s in teaching pathways, which includes single subject credentialing. These pathways are restricted to Majors that have this listed concentration. Students with this concentration complete their subject matter competency requirement by degree and 16 upper division semester hours of Teacher Credential course work, that apply to both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

This is a direct education pathway to completing a specialized Master of Arts in Teaching, MAT, at the University of La Verne which includes a Single Subject Teaching Credential. The 4+1 programs have been designed for completion in 5 years. Any deviation from the outlined education plan, including extensions, may have financial aid implications and should be considered with the support of an advisor. An application for consideration of this education pathway is mandatory.

Upper division coursework is not modified for these integrated programs, students will be following the MAT course sequence created for all credential candidates in the LaFetra College of Education teaching programs. This includes prerequisites for course enrollment and completion of state mandated assessments in the required time sequence.

Program Requirements for Concentration

  • Minimum 2.75 GPA to begin
  • Must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA in the program in accordance with the University's Graduate GPA requirements
  • Face-to-face interview with the MAT program chair or designee
  • Meet with Education Advisor at least one time per semester to monitor progress according to requirements
  • Must meet credential prerequisites prior to registering for the first credential class
    • Prerequisites
      • TB Clearance California Education Code Section 49406
      • Live Scan/Fingerprint Clearance California Education Code Section 44320(b)
      • Certificate of Clearance (CoC) California Education Code Section 44320(b)

Concentration in Teaching, Single Subject Requirements

16 semester hours

EDUC 427Language and Literacy, Single Subject4
EDUC 428Introductory Teaching Practices, Single Subject4
EDUC 442Intermediate Teaching Practices, Single Subject4
EDUC 443Advanced Teaching Practices, Single Subject4
Total Semester Hours16