Majoring in International Studies

Chairperson: Jason Neidleman

The International Studies major combines an area of study with an academic core program that provides an interdisciplinary approach to learning about the international community, culture, legal systems, trade, and relations between states.

Degree Requirements

Total program: 44 semester hours

Prerequisite Requirements

Two years of a foreign language

Core Requirements

24 semester hours

ECON 325International Economics4
PLSC 231International Relations4
PLSC 261Comparative Govt & Politics4
HSTY 100World History to 15004
or HSTY 101 World History 1500 to Present
PLSC 489Political Science Research Methods4
or HSTY 398 Approaches to History
HSTY 499Senior Project4
or PLSC 499 Senior Project
Total Semester Hours24


A minimum of 20 semester hours in upper division courses in the student’s area(s) of emphasis approved by the advisor.