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History and Political Science

The University of La Verne’s History and Political Science Department fuses two essential parts of the human experience into one interdisciplinary education. Studying history shapes the past in preparation for the future, while understanding political movements prepares students with a foundation of contemporary affairs.

The rich and diverse education provided by each major and minor fundamentally challenges students to re-examine the ideas, skills, and logic behind pivotal events, people, and ideologies that have structured our world.

Immerse yourself in world civilizations. Debate classic political philosophies. Learn how to shape the world and its history for yourself.

National and International

The departments’ International Studies Institute provides forums, conferences, and lectures on local, national and international topics.  The Model United Nations program travels to conferences and also hosts a collegiate Model United Nations conference on our campus during the spring semester.  Students are encouraged to balance theory and practice through internships and study abroad programs, and to take advantage of the Department’s pre-law advising for those considering a career in law.