Senior Theses

In the Sociology and Anthropology Department, the culminating activity for all of our majors is an original empirical senior thesis done under the direction of a faculty mentor. The senior thesis seminar is the culmination of a series of major courses including statistics, research methods and internship in which students explore how reliable information is generated in sociological and anthropological research, and how that information is applicable in real life settings. The senior thesis undergraduate research experience develops strong professional skills that are in demand in the world of work, as well as in graduate school.

Each term between 35 and 60 students complete the senior thesis process. Their studies address a wide variety of topics, and utilize a wide variety of research techniques. Sociology and Anthropology students have won the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research each year since its inception. Winners are listed below along with links to their theses. The department also honors the finest senior theses produced each term with it’s own Excellence in Research Award.

Resources for Senior Thesis