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Sociology and Anthropology

The Sociology and Anthropology Department

The Sociology and Anthropology Department is an interdisciplinary department that delivers four Bachelor of Science degree program options in Anthropology, Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Sociology. The mission of the Sociology and Anthropology Department is to provide a well-balanced, liberal arts education with high standards of excellence using a humanistic approach that integrates theory, academic content, research, and practice with the goal of understanding the human condition. We are a student-centered department that prides itself on providing personalized attention and mentoring.

All four programs offer comprehensive academic coursework, community engagement through semester-long internships, a capstone senior thesis experience in a faculty-led seminar, and opportunities for short international travel study courses focused on sociocultural issues.  Graduates leave our programs with a body of knowledge, real life experience in professional contexts, and a set of intellectual, research, and practical skills that serve them well in professional or graduate school contexts.