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Anthropology Facilities and Resources

Students have access to a cutting-edge teaching and research lab that contains a large collection of human, hominin, and primate skeletal casts.

anthro labAnthropology Lab

Moreover, a grant funded by the W.M. Keck Foundation purchased a super-fast computer, iPads, and a 3-D printer for student research in the classroom. Additionally, students can learn how to 3-D scan using a mobile scanner, as well as learn human osteology from real human skeletons.

Archaeology Lab

Students, with special permission, can work with archaeological material from a contemporary urban site, as well as ancient material.

Cultural and Natural History Collections

Students, with special permission, can work with our ethnographic collections, as well as a variety of natural history material curated at the Jaeger House, including Pleistocene specimens recovered from the La Brea Tar Pits. Click here for more information on the repository.

13419000_1817876755107820_5081354800777655056_n (1)Fully articulated Pleistocene saber tooth cat

Archaeology Yard

Students can train in surface recovery and burial excavation in a simulated environment. Our property has buried cast skeletons and mock artifacts for excavation and casts for surface recovery placement.

IMG_1721.JPGSurface recovery in the Forensic Anthropology class