Departmental Awards

Debater of The Year

Awarded to the debater whose intravarsity and intervarsity debating record stands as tall as their overall contribution to debating excellence at the University of La Verne for the academic year.

2011 Ryan Mansell
2010 Ryan Mansell
2009 Thomas Allison
2008 Rob Ruiz
2007 Josh Martin
2006 Josh Martin
2005 Josh Martin
2004 Travis Raymond
2003 Drew Kim
2002 Drew Kim
2001  Sean Krispinsky
2000 JJ Rodriguez

Robert Rivera Award

Named in honor of the La Verne Debate Team Founder, Robert Rivera (1921-2004), this award is given to the student who exemplifies dedication, commitment, excellence, and service to the team and won love, admiration, and respect from all its members.

2017 Michael Eberle
2016 Joanna Mrsich
2015 Chris Padilla
2014 Ryan Ramons, Mumin Khan, David Obrechenko
2013 Rebecca Aguilar
2011 Shaadee Ahmadnia
2010 Isaac Ramirez
2009 Aaron Zamora
2008 Jack Cunningham
2007 Andy Monroy
2006 Raymond Kodadek
2005  Sara Randazzo
2004  Xochitl Garcia
2003  Rob Ruiz
2002  Nikkia Williams
2001  Stefan Chacon
2000  Ernie Minner

Dr. Jeanne Flora Award

Named in honor of Dr. Jeanne K. Flora, the first Speech Communication Department Chair, this award is given to the graduating Speech Communication/Rhetoric and Communication Studies Department student whose senior project (both written and verbal form) exceeded expectations and deserves distinction.

2020 Dylan Alhanati
2019 Bailey Scherer
2018 Joanna Mrsich
2017 Matthew Schaupp
2016 Matthew Caselli
2015 Natalie Holland
2014 Carl Decker
2013 Ryan Mansell
2012 Noelle Cozbar
2011 Alberto Valencia
2010 Tatiana Del Torro
2009 Tiffani Smith
2008  Dominique Stockhausen
2007  Kelly Cooke
2006  Jerrica Perez
2005  Alicia Padilla
2004  Manuel Perez

Best Speaker Award

Awarded to the individual events competitor whose intervarsity record exceeds expectations and for their overall contribution to speech excellence at the University of La Verne for the academic year.

2002 Ross Matthews
2001 Ryan Knowles
2000 Ryan Knowles

Judi Stillwell Award

Named in honor of the late Judi Stillwell, from the finance department, who would give her wonderful spirit towards helping the debate team travel across continents, this award is given to the individual who is chosen to travel on the team, and resembles the spirit of La Verne values, and keeps the travelers in mind, while bringing a spirit that makes travel enjoyable.

2017 Kacee Jones
2016 Juan Rodriguez

Ian Lising Award

Named in honor of Professor Ian Lising, former Chair of the World Council and a distinguished international debate judge, who has judged many World Final rounds, Oxford Final rounds, and other prestigious national finals, this award is given to the individual who exceeds the judging role at national and local tournaments.

2017 Sonia Concepcion
2016 Ryanne Bible