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La Verne Chamber Singers

Irene Messoloras, director

The 26-voice auditioned choir is the premier choral ensemble at the University of La Verne. Today the ULV Chamber Singers represents the college through a vigorous schedule that includes campus performances, concerts in local venues, and state and international tours. Performing a diverse repertoire of music, the Chamber Singers maintain the highest level of performance, mental focus, and artistic musicality.

The ensemble is made up of music and non-music majors, representing all walks of campus life.


ULV Chorale

Irene Messoloras, director

This non-auditioned ensemble is comprised of La Verne students, faculty, staff, and community members. The Chorale performs a variety of sacred and secular repertoire from the Baroque to Modern historical periods with a focus on music from diverse cultures.

If you would like to join a choral ensemble please contact Dr. Messoloras for more information.


Chamber Music Ensemble

Ellen Rondina, director

Chamber Music Ensemble class is an one unit, audition based class.  It focuses on study and performance of chamber music works from duos to larger ensembles. The class is open for all musicians including pianists, string, and wind players. Vocalists are welcome. Attributes: ACAE Creative/Artistic Expr, GEFAb Fine Arts Experiential


La Verne Symphony Orchestra

Rachel Vetter Huang, director

The La Verne Symphony Orchestra is an exciting, dynamic group of students and community musicians working together to bring symphonic music to the City of La Verne. They cultivate dedication, focus, and a true knowledge of what it means to play music in an orchestra, with an emphasis on a firm foundation in music reading, rhythm, ensemble cohesiveness, and stylistic interpretation.

The La Verne Symphony Orchestra works to create an inspiring, cooperative, and educational environment where students and community members come together to study and perform quality music written by composers from all over the world, fostering the spirit of understanding, discovery, and commitment for the enrichment of themselves and their audiences. Attributes: ACAE Creative/Artistic Expr, GEFAb Fine Arts Experiential


Jazz Ensemble

Pebber Brown, director

Players focus on improvisation in different styles (blues, jazz, funk, latin, and more) and developing a small group sound. Student must be experienced on their instruments (any instrument is acceptable) but the music is selected based upon their level of musicianship. Attributes: ACAE Creative/Artistic Expr.

Email Pebber Brown for more information.


West African Drum Ensemble

Ellen Rondina, director

Through this course students will learn basic technique for playing the instruments of the West African Drum Ensemble. Students will also learn the cultural background and tradition associated with the instruments used, and selected rhythms. The music will be taught in the oral tradition. Reading music is not required. The ensemble will perform at least one concert during the semester. Attributes: ACAE Creative/Artistic Expr.

Email Ellen Rondina for more information.


Guitar Ensemble

Michael Ryan, director

The Guitar Ensemble is a dynamic group performing duets, trios, and quartets written from the 17th century to the present. Contemporary styles such as neuvo flamenco, Latin jazz, and popular music are a few styles presented by the musicians. This class is open to all guitarists who have some note reading experience. Attributes: ACAE Creative/Artistic Expr, GEFAb Fine Arts Experiential.

Email Michael Ryan for more information.


Salsa and Latin Jazz Ensemble

Andrés Espinoza, director

The Salsa and Latin Jazz Ensemble serves as an introduction to the history, culture, styles, instruments, and performance techniques of musical traditions of the US, the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, and Latin America. Examples of specific traditions covered include music from Cuba: (e.g Bembé, Rumba, Danzón, Son, Son Montuno, Cha cha, Bolero, Mambo, and Songo), and Puerto Rico (e.g. Bomba, Plena), and their adaptation to the musical styles marketed as Salsa and/or Latin jazz. Coursework also includes the study of the rhythms and performance techniques of Latin percussion instruments in traditional Afro Latin music, and Latin jazz.

For more information, email Andrés Espinoza.


University of La Verne Pep Band

Joshua Williams, director

The University of La Verne Pep Band serves as the spirit of the University. Cheering on the University in sporting events, the small but mighty group is composed of students spanning many majors and walks of life. This dynamic group prides itself on the spirited entertainment they provide the college.