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Minoring in Gender and Sexuality Studies

This minor offers students the opportunity to think critically about gender and sexuality within the complex weave of cultural, historical, political, and social forces, recognizing that gender and sexuality are deeply shaped by context, location, and other significant identities, such as race, class, nationality, religion, age, and ability.

The GSS minor consists of 20 units, including two core courses and three upper division elective courses approved by the Gender Studies Advisor. To include lower-division courses in their minor, students may also complete a minor of 24 units that includes one core course and at least five elective courses (of which 16 units must be upper division).

Alternative Courses

If electives of the GSS minor are not offered during a given semester, there are possible alternative courses that may substitute for the minor requirements. These courses include Psychology 409 (Multicultural Psychology), Spanish 386 (Chicano Literature), and Philosophy 217 (Power and Oppression), among others. To discuss other possible courses for approval, please consult with your GSS advisor.