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Frequently Asked Questions

What courses are best for first-year students to take?

First-year students would benefit most from taking one of the following courses:

  • ANTH/SOC 333: Women Across Cultures
  • ANTH/SOC 334: Women’s Experience in America
  • PSYCH 450: Selected Topics such as Psychology of Women, Women, Culture and Society, “Human Sexuality”
  • ANTHRO/SOC 314: Issues in Gender and Sexualities

These courses provide a broad introduction to this field of study.

How do I apply for the program minor?

Declaring a minor in GSS is easy! Visit the Academic Advising office in Woody Hall and fill out the “Notice of Declaration of Academic Major/Minor.” The form allows you to officially declare your intent to minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. The Academic Advising Office will then assign you a GSS advisor. You are always welcome to contact faculty members from the list of faculty on our website to discuss the program.

Will I be required to write a thesis for the minor?

The minor does not require a thesis.

How do I find a WGSS advisor?

Once you have filled out paperwork to declare your minor, you will be assigned a GSS faculty advisor. You can also view the list of faculty and make an appointment with a faculty member who teaches in the program. For general information about the program, speak with Dr. Cathy Irwin in Miller Hall 209.

What if I want to major in WGSS?

The university does not currently offer a major in Gender and Sexuality Studies. However, La Verne does offer the opportunity to develop your own major in consultation with your faculty advisor. Speak to your GSS faculty advisor for more information.