Majoring in English

Total program: 60 semester hours

Core Requirements: 40 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
ENG 270 The Foundation of Linguistics 4
ENG 275 Introduction to Literary Criticism 4
ENG 351 British Literature I 4
ENG 352 English Literature II 4
ENG 353 American Literature I 4
ENG 354 American Literature II 4
ENG 431 Studies in the British Fiction, or 4
ENG 434 Studies in the American Novel 4
ENG 460 Shakespeare 4
ENG 499 Senior Capstone 4

Electives: A minimum of 20 semester hours of upper division ENG courses. One of these courses must be a diversity elective taken from an approved list, such as Graphic Novel, Horror Fiction, Myth in Literature, Women Writers, Studies in Ethnic American Literature, Urban Fiction, or Science-Fiction Literature and Film. Courses from other departments may serve as electives upon approval of the English Department Chairperson.