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Welcome to the English Department

Chairperson: Cathy Irwin
Regular Faculty: Clara Barr, Jane Beal, Jeffrey Kahan

English studies help students to sharpen their understanding, enhance their enjoyment, and heighten their awareness of not only literature, but also of themselves and their changing multicultural world. The process involves a careful study of the English language and the distinctive imaginative and aesthetic qualities of literary texts. Students gain knowledge and examine human values in literature. They also gain practical, transferrable skills.

Upon completion of the English major, students are able to read closely, think critically and write effectively; demonstrate knowledge of the historical breadth and depth of British and American literature; analyze literary genres (including poetry, drama, and the novel), and apply intercultural knowledge to their study of literature and life. They have opportunities to study abroad and complete internships. They are well prepared for graduate school and professional employment.

English majors go on to careers in teaching and educational administration, professional writing and editing, librarianship, information technology and business communications, management, law and social work, and art and entertainment as well as other fields.