Course Rotation

Fall 2023

In the fall, we’ll offer five excellent courses:

  • CWRT 201 (FLEX): Introduction to Creative Writing, our fun introduction to contemporary literature.
  • CWRT 200: Life of the Artist (a new 2-unit course that counts as SoLVE/La Verne Values);
  • CWRT 305: Literary Magazine Publishing (in which students serve as editorial staffers on our national literary journal, Prism Review);
  • CWRT 304: Advanced Fiction Writing, in which students immerse themselves in the craft of fiction (reading a variety of contemporary and classical works, including authors such as Brenda Peynado, Lydia Davis, Deb Olin Unferth, and more);
  • CWRT 336: Latinx: The Magical and the Real;
  • and CWRT 350 (online): Building a Novel, in which students study and create their own large-form narratives.

January 2023

  • TBD

Spring 2024

  • CWRT 200: Life of the Artist;
  • CWRT 204: Intro to Prose Writing (counts as LVWB/RCS 111): in this class, students will learn and apply academic research skills toward creative original works of fiction and non-fiction; and
  • CWRT 303: Poetry Writing, in which students immerse themselves in the craft of writing poetry, and
  • CWRT 324: Advanced Literary Non-Fiction, with students reading and experimenting with various contemporary non-fiction forms.
  • (in spring, CWRT 305Literary Magazine Publishing will be offered as a directed study option for majors and minors.)

As needed

For Junior majors and minors: we offer CWRT 390: Great Author Immersion, in which students choose a celebrated contemporary literary author, and both critically engage in and creatively write within the style of at least four of the author’s works.

For Senior minors and majors: we offer CWRT 499: Senior Project, in which students create their culminating creative theses through slow revision of their already-written creative works and through creations of new ones. We recommend students take this course in the fall of their senior year, especially those considering graduate school in creative writing.