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Course Rotation

Fall 2018

In the fall, we offer four excellent courses:

  • WRT 201: Introduction to Creative Writing, our foundational course that introduces students to the world of contemporary literature, allowing them to explore their abilities as writers;
  • WRT 305: Literary Magazine Publishing (in which students serve as editorial staffers on our national literary journal, Prism Review);
  • WRT 303: Poetry Writing, in which students immerse themselves in the craft of writing poetry; and
  • WRT 307: Special Topics: Writing the Popular Novel, in which  students will study popular novels (and literary alternatives) in multiple genres before creating their own original novel outlines.

January 2019

We plan to offer, as usual, WRT 201: Introduction to Creative Writing.

Spring 2019

In spring, along with WRT 201, we will also again offer WRT 305: Literary Magazine Publishing. Also, we will be offering WRT 304: Fiction Writing, in which students immerse themselves in the craft of fiction, and  – likely – a WRT 307: Special Topics class, content to be determined.

As needed

For Junior majors and minors: we offer WRT 390: Great Writer Immersion, in which students choose a celebrated contemporary literary author, and both critically engage in and creatively write within the style of at least four of the author’s works.

For Senior minors and majors: we offer WRT 499: Senior Project, in which students create their culminating creative theses through slow revision of their already-written creative works and through creations of new ones. We recommend students take this course in the fall of their senior year, especially those considering graduate school in creative writing.