Certificate in Publishing

A new 22-unit six course professional skills certificate

(note that certificate courses may be applied to minors and majors)

Why do it? This certificate helps prepare students for career opportunities in numerous publishing fields: journalism, copy-editing, literary publishing, and coding/web design.

What is it?

22 semester hours

JOUR 100 News Reporting 4
JOUR 115* News Editing 2
JOUR 315* Syntax and Grammar for the Professional Writer 4
CWRT 305** Literary Magazine Staff 2,2
CWRT 304** or CWRT 324 Adv. Fiction or Adv. Literary Non-Fiction 4
CMPS 218 or JOUR 318 Publishing on the Web I or Survey of Multimedia 4


*JOUR 115 and JOUR 315 are generally offered in spring.

note: JOUR 300: Advanced News Reporting is a class that can substitute for one of the JOUR requirements and is offered each fall.

**CWRT 304 and CWRT 305 are generally offered in fall.