Chemistry, BA

Degree Requirements

Total program: B.A. 74-75 semester hours/B.S. 82-83 semester hours

Prerequisite Requirements

26 semester hours

Students must show competency in:

  • Mathematics (MATH 201 Calculus I & MATH 202 Calculus II)
  • Physics (PHYS 201 General Physics I & PHYS 202 General Physics II or PHYS 203 Physics I: Mechanics & PHYS 204 Physics II: Electricity & Magnetism)
  • Biology (BIOL 201 General Biology I & BIOL 202 General Biology II or BIOL 204 Plant Biology & BIOL 205 Animal Biology)

Core Requirements

40 semester hours

CHEM 201General Chemistry I5
CHEM 202General Chemistry II5
CHEM 230Analytical Chemistry I4
CHEM 430Instrumental Methods of Analysis4
CHEM 311Organic Chemistry I5
CHEM 312Organic Chemistry II5
CHEM 411Physical Chemistry I4
CHEM 412Physical Chemistry II4
CHEM 370Chemistry Seminar1,1
Total Semester Hours37


B.A. 4-5 semester hours (choose one of the following)
B.S. 12-13 semester hours (choose three of the following)

CHEM 314Biochemistry5
CHEM 420Environmental Chemistry4
CHEM 440Inorganic Chemistry4
CHEM 441Materials Chemistry4
CHEM 450Advanced Organic Chemistry4

Culminating Requirements

6 semester hours

CHEM 498Chemistry Research2
CHEM 499Senior Seminar/Project4
Senior Comprehensive Examination0
Total Semester Hours6