Jane Dibbell Cabaret

Learn more about the size, capacity, lighting, audio, and other features that make Jane the Dibbell Cabaret an intimate space for small productions at the University of La Verne.

Stage Type

  • Thrust or variable seating including arena arrangements.

Seating Capacity

  • 70 seats

Stage Dimensions

  • Diameter: 40’ diameter wall to wall
  • Width: 20’ between front rows on either side of thrust.
  • Average of 30’ width from upstage of thrust to the back of the theatre.
  • Depth: c. 13’ from front row of seats to the back of the thrust.
  • c. 14’ additional depth upstage of thrust.
  • Height: 14’-3” from stage floor to ceiling joists.
  • 13’-10” trim height on long pipes (electrics grid).
  • 14’-0” trim height on short pipes (electrics grid).
  • 12’-3” from stage floor to bottom of steel I-beam supports.
  • Other features:
  • 11’ h. x 14’ w. access to backstage area.
  • 14’ h. x 16’ w. unbleached muslin roll drop/projection screen.
  • AV projector for video and computer projection.
  • Ethernet connection near booth with 40’ cable.

Stage Floor

  • Sprung hardwood (maple) floor with semi-gloss finish.
  • Fastening, screwing or nailing to the floor is NOT allowed.
  • Painting of the stage is NOT allowed.

Dressing Rooms

  • There are two dressing rooms, each suitable for 6 to 8 people.
  • Each dressing room has its own bathroom, sink and shower.

Dimming and Control

  • 18 x 2.4k analog dimmers.
  • 18 x 7.2k analog dimmers.
  • ETC Acclaim 100, 36 channel 2-scepe preset lighting console.
  • 2 ea. ETC source fours for use as followspots or specials in aisle positions, on suspended platforms with ladder access.


  • Studiomaster 12 channel mixer.
  • Marantz CDR 510 Dual CD Player with separate outputs and controls
  • Denon DVD-1710 DVD Player
  • JVC HR-J692U VCR
  • AB 600LX amplifier

Fog, haze, pyrotechnics, candles, incense, open flame, smoking, and all rigging require approval by the Theatre Arts Department. If your show includes any of these things, please inform the Theatre Manager at least 30 days prior to your performance. These things may be impossible without prior notice.

For lighting and/or sound inventory, please contact Technical Director Alan Tollefson at (909) 448-4552.