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Spring 2024: Poetry reading & Senior Project presentations

On Tuesday, April 23, current students and their poetry instructor read original poems to a group at the Ludwick Sacred Space. Haley Albertson, Anahi Beltran, Lily Bower-Moore, and Sara Dawidian all showed off their impressive talents, reading a variety of formal (ghazals, centos) and free verse poems. They were followed by their instructor Sara Ellen Fowler, reading several stunning pieces from her new and award-winning collection Two Signatures.


Prof. Fowler, Lily, Sara, and Anahi look on as Haley Albertson enthuses
Sara Ellen Fowler reads from her new collection.











A few days earlier, on Wednesday April 17, graduating seniors Jefferson Croushore, Jocelyn Hancock, and Aniyah Powell took the audience through the challenges, frustrations, and rewards they’ve experience the last several years as Creative Writing students at the University of La Verne. The Campus Times covered the event here.


from left: Aniyah Powell, Jocelyn Hancock, Jefferson Croushore