Majoring in Sustainability Studies

The Sustainability Studies major focuses on the concept of sustainability from an interdisciplinary perspective around various topics: ethics, ecology, environmental policies, economics, natural resources, city and regional planning, sociology, anthropology, and spirituality. This major also provides students with a meaningful theory-to-practice experience with community partners. The result is a benefit to the student, the agency and the community served through mutual collaboration.


Total program: 48 semester hours

Core Requirements: 32 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
ICG 100 Intro to Ecological Civilization 4
ICG 200 Critical Community Studies 4
ICG 305 Applied Methods for Community Engagement 4
ICG 350 Wellness/Spirituality 4
ICG 400 Senior Seminar 4
ICG 490 Internship: Sustainable Engagement 4
ICG 495 Internship: Sustainable Engagement 2 4
ICG 499 Senior Project 4

Area Requirements: 16 hours

Students must complete one course with each attribute. The courses listed areÔÇá samples of courses taught in each area.


Code Course Title Units
REL 305 World Religions: East 4
REL 307 Pathways to Peace 4
REL 325 Religion, Ethics and Sustainability 4

Cultural Understanding

Code Course Title Units
REL 305 World Religions: East 4
PHIL 310 Women and the Environment 4
PHIL 317 Power and Oppression 4


Code Course Title Units
BIOL 204 Plant Biology 4
BIOL 205 Animal Biology 4
CHEM 280 Topics in Modern Chemistry 4
CHEM/PHYS 303 Energy Issues  

Means of Exchange

Code Course Title Units
BUS 343 Foundations of Business Ethics 4
MGMT 300 Principles of Management 4