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Religion and Philosophy

Religion and Philosophy

The Religion/Philosophy Department at the University of La Verne offers students the opportunity to explore the historical and global development of ideas that have formed cultures and individual world views throughout human history.

Studying Religion and Philosophy at La Verne

Religion courses involve students in seeing religion and religious values from an academic perspective. Philosophy courses challenge students to look seriously at the philosophical traditions which have formed the bases of human intellectual development. The Inter-faith minor encourages students to understand and appreciate the religiously pluralist world in which we live. In all courses, the emphasis is upon critical thinking and evaluation of a broad range of views with the goal of refining one’s own perspectives.

The department offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in Religion, Philosophy, and Religion/Philosophy. A Minor is also available in Religion or Philosophy or Inter-faith Studies.

Why study Religion?


The academic study of religion arises out of a broad curiosity about the nature of religion and religious traditions. Religious studies offers a unique opportunity to ask fundamental questions about religious traditions. It also allows experimentation with some of most exciting ideas from other areas of study. 

Why study Philosophy?

  1. It enriches your life and can make you more employable.
  2. It refines your critical and analytic thinking skills. Philosophy students tend to score highest on the GRE.
  3. And on the LSAT.