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Practicum and Internship Training

Clinical training consists of clinical practica and an internship. The required practica occur during Years 2 and 3 of the program, and require a combined minimum of 1500 hours at two different sites. An advanced practicum experience in the 4th year of the program is optional. The clinical internship in Year 5 requires a minimum of 1500 hours during one year of full-time training. The internship meets the pre-doctoral licensure requirements in California.


Below are documents related to practicum and internship training:


Internship Placements from 2013-2018
Internships by State N Accredited by
AR 2
Arkansas Division Behavioral Health Service 1 APA
Arkansas State Hospital 1 APA
CA 45
Atascadero State Hospital 1 APA
California State University San Marcos 1 APA
Casa Pacifica 1 APA
Child and Family Guidance Center 2 APA
Children’s Institute Los Angeles 1 APA
Institute for Multicultural Counseling & Educational Services 3 APA
Jerry L. Pettis Memorial VA Medical Center 2 APA
Loma Linda University School of Medicine 1 APA
Long Beach Healthcare System/VA 1 APA
Marin County Health & Human Services 1 APA
San Jose State University-CAPS 1 APA
Santa Ana College 3 APA
UC Irvine Counseling Center 1 APA
UC Riverside CAPS 2 APA
Western Youth Services 2 APA
Asian Americans for Community Involvement 1 APPIC
Children’s Hospital Oakland 1 APPIC
Kern County DMH 1 APPIC
LA County Dept of Mental Health-Community Correctional Track 1 APPIC
LA County DMH-Specialized Foster Care 1 APPIC
Southern California DOC & Rehab Consortium 1 APPIC
Violence Intervention Program 1 APPIC
BHC Alhambra Hospital 2 CAPIC
Canyon Ridge Hospital 4 CAPIC
Center for Autism and Related Disorders 1 CAPIC
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles 1 CAPIC
County of Orange Health Care Agency- Neurobehavior Testing Unit 2 CAPIC
CSU Dominguez Hills-CAPS 1 CAPIC
Maram Psychological Services 1 CAPIC
Occidental College 1 CAPIC
The Saturday Center 2 CAPIC
CO 2
University of Colorado School of Medicine 1 APA
University of Northern Colorado 1 APA
CT 1
Yale University Psychiatry Adult DBT 1 APA
DC 2
Saint Elizabeths Hospital 2 APA
FL 7
Faulk Center for Counseling 1 APA
Institute for Child & Family Health, Inc 1 APA
Northeast Florida State Hospital 1 APA
South Florida State Hospital 1 APA
Veterans Affairs Medical Center 1 APA
Florida Atlantic University CAPS 1 APPIC
Manatee Glens Consortium 1 APPIC
HI 1
Hawaii Psychology Consortium 1 APA
IN 1
Youth Opportunity Center 1 APA
KY 2
Jefferson County Consortium 1 APA
Kentucky River Community Care 1 APPIC
MA 4
Boston Consortium in Clinical Psychology 1 APA
Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial VA 1 APA
Community Services Institute 2 APPIC
MD 1
John L. Gildner Regional Institute 1 APA
ME 1
University of Maine 1 APA
MN 1
Washburn Center for Children 1 APA
MO 1
National Psych Training Consortium-Central Region 1 APA
NC 1
North Carolina State University 1 APA
OH 2
Ohio University Counseling & Psychological Services 1 APPIC
Talbert House 1 APPIC
OK 1
Northeastern Oklahoma Psychology 1 APA
OR 1
VA Southern Oregon Rehabilitation Center & Clinic 1 APA
PA 2
Pennsylvania Counseling Services 1 APPIC
Torrance State Hospital 1 APPIC
PR 1
VA Puerto Rico 1 APA
SC 2
University of South Carolina / Counseling & Human Development 1 APA
WJB Dorn VA Medical Center 1 APPIC
SD 1
VA Black Hills South Dakota 1 APA
TX 4
University of Houston – Clear Lake 1 APA
University of Texas Health Sciences Center 2 APA
Applied Psychology Group-Texoma Texas 1 APPIC
VA 2
Eastern Virginia Medical School 1 APA
Greensville Correctional Center 1 APPIC
WI 3
Aurora Behavioral Health Care 1 APA
Mendota Mental Health Institute 2 APA
WV 1
Huntington VA Medical Center 1 APA
WY 1
Wyoming State Hospital 1 APA
Grand Total 93

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