Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program offers a range of classes for students seeking to fulfill general education requirements, to satisfy their curiosity about human behavior, or those who have selected psychology as a major or minor. The diversity of required and elective courses provides students with opportunities to study and have first-hand experience with a wide range of human behavior and problems. Adopting an applied focus, the Psychology program strives to prepare students for careers in and out of the field of psychology through its broad approach, which includes principles and theories in psychology, methodology, laboratory, and applied courses.

In addition to the traditional in-classroom instruction, the internship class encourages students to be active in the community by providing opportunity for direct work with children, adolescents, and adults in a variety of community-level agencies. The research classes in the program encourage students to design, conduct, evaluate and present their own research studies, while lab courses provide hands-on experience.

As an integral part of the on-campus traditional undergraduate College of Arts and Sciences, the psychology major is also offered at both Naval Base Ventura County and through the Campus Accelerated Program for Adults, which offers weekend, accelerated evening, and online classes.

Program Mission

The mission of the psychology program is to prepare undergraduate students for their academic, professional, and personal futures by providing them with a well-balanced undergraduate education in psychology covering theory, research, and practice.

Program Goals

Ultimately, psychology majors will:

  1. acquire a foundation in the principles and theories of psychology;
  2. demonstrate basic skills in consuming scientific information;
  3. apply the scientific method in the study of human behavior;
  4. obtain practical experience at an internship setting;
  5. develop awareness of diversity issues in the field of psychology;
  6. receive good program and career related advising; and
  7. obtain employment in related fields and attend graduate school.