Senior Thesis

The senior thesis is a research project senior students complete as a requirement for the major. Thesis classes comprise of typically eight students who, working closely with their thesis advisor, design and conduct an original research study. Following completion of the study at the end of the term, students are also required to orally present their research to an audience of their peers, faculty, and invited guests. Past theses projects are kept on record in the Undergraduate Psychology Program files; to access these studies, please contact the Psychology Department. Some students have gone on to present their studies at regional and national psychology conferences.

Guidelines for Conducting Research

All student researchers conducting projects should complete an Application for IRB Approval of Research Protocol Form to submit to their research advisor or instructor. However, whether this IRB form is turned into the university’s Institutional Review Board will be dependent on whether the student plans to present this research in public (e.g., conventions, conferences, workshops, etc.) and/or whether the research poses any substantial risk or harm to the participants, as in the case of standard type of reviews. (See the university’s IRB website for more information.)