Majoring in Psychology

Psychology is an overwhelmingly popular undergraduate major. At the University of La Verne, the Psychology program boasts one of the largest majors on campus with over 300 students. While a tremendously varied field, Psychology has as its goal the development of knowledge about human behavior and the training of applied strategies and skills to improve the lives of individuals in a diverse society. Psychology is a field with a bright future and the opportunities for work and graduate study in psychology continues to expand in number and scope. Above all, those who are considering a career in psychology should take heart that most people who stay in the field say they love their work.

Four year curriculum plan (effective fall 2021)

Total program: 52 semester hours

Prerequisite Requirements: 12 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
PSY 101 Principles of Psychology 4
PSY 102 Psychology as a Career 2
PSY 305 Statistics 4
PSY 395 Computer Data Analysis 2

Core Requirements: 20 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
PSY 312 Abnormal Psychology 4
PSY 390 Research Methods 4
PSY 405 Brain and Behavior 4
PSY 407 Lifespan Development 4
PSY 409 Multicultural Psychology 4

Area of Emphasis: 8 semester hours

Choose two from below:

Code Course Title Units
PSY 303 Learning and Behavior Change 4
PSY 306 Cognitive Psychology 4
PSY 308 Social Psychology 4
PSY 320 Advanced Statistics and Design 4

Advanced Topics: 8 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
PSY 400 History of Psychology 4
PSY 497 Internship 4

Culminating Activity: 4 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
PSY 404 Experimental Psychology 4

Electives (Optional)

Code Course Title Units
PSY 315 Psychological Testing 4
PSY 316 Personality Theory and Research 4
PSY 327 Health Psychology 4
PSY 375 Community Psychology 4
PSY 408 Adolescent Psychology 4
PSY 422 Substance Abuse 4
PSY 429 Counseling and Interviewing Skills 4
PSY 439 Industrial-Organizational Psychology 4
PSY 450 Selected Topics 4