Minoring in Psychology

The Psychology Department offers courses designed to help the student understand the complexity of human behavior. Throughout their coursework, students who minor in psychology learn how to answer questions about human behavior through empirical research and theoretical analysis. The curriculum for the undergraduate minor in psychology is designed to introduce the student to the theoretical foundation and fundamental principles of the discipline.

In addition to personal development, the knowledge and skills acquired in pursing this course of study in psychology, students discover how psychological principles applies to a variety of pursuits following graduation including graduate school, business, sports, the law, and human service.

Total program: 28 semester hours

Prerequisite: 4 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
PSY 101 Principles of Psychology 4

Core Requirements: 24 semester hours

Code Course Title Units
PSY 312 Abnormal Psychology 4
PSY 400 History of Psychology 4
PSY 407 Life-Span Development 4
One 300- or 400-level PSY elective 4

Two of the following:

Code Course Title Units
PSY 303 Learning and Behavior Change 4
PSY 306 Cognitive Psychology 4
PSY 308 Social Psychology 4
PSY 320 Advanced Statistics and Design 4