Undergraduate Research Mentorship Program

The Psychology Department has a number of faculty engaged in active research programs on a wide variety of topics in psychology. Many of our faculty offer opportunities within their labs for undergraduates to get involved in the research process. These opportunities can further studentsÔÇÖ training in research in psychology and allow students to get hands-on experience with the field to inform their career goals. Individually mentored experience in research is also a critical element in preparing for graduate school and strengthens studentsÔÇÖ applications for advanced degree programs.

Pursuing Mentorship

This program is student driven in that students identify opportunities of interest to them and contact faculty directly. The department maintains the list of faculty mentorship opportunities below, with information about faculty research projects, expectations for students who volunteer in their lab, and how to contact the faculty. If a student sees an opportunity that appears to be a good fit in terms of research interest as well as ability to meet faculty expectations, they may contact the faculty member or review SONA to inquire about availability and/or further information about opportunities.